Wiremind is a SaaS company delivering AI-driven solutions to manage and optimize commercial capacity in the transport, air cargo, and event industries.
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Transforming industries,
one optimization at a time

Established in October 2014, Wiremind is a bootstrapped company founded by Charles Pierre and Colin Girault-Matz.

Driven by their passion for data vizualisation, tech and optimization, Colin and Charles were drawn towards the field of revenue management during their respective work experiences.

Realizing that RM teams, despite their crucial impact on the business, were lacking an all-in-one, user-friendly and ML-infused tool to pilot the business, they started working on CAYZN in 2014.

The solution quickly proved itself ROI positive for leading passenger transportation companies, such as iDTGV and OUIGO, bringing up to 10% revenue increment, thereby establishing Wiremind.

Following this initial success, more clients were acquired and our product lines were expanded to include CAYZN Tracking our competition tracking tool in 2016.

Wiremind board member and Wiremind Cargo CEO, Nathanaël de Tarade, joined in 2016 to oversee the development of solutions for the air freight industry. This suite which began with SKYPALLET, was further expanded to include CARGOSTACK CMS and CARGOSTACK Optimiser.

As we continued to expand our product lines, we launched EVENTORI, a solution that is specifically designed for ticketing management and optimization. We recently also added another product to our bucket – PAXONE, which optimizes commercial offerings for passenger transportation companies.

At Wiremind, optimization is the final destination for all of our solutions. We code and design to optimize your operations.


Our mission is to simplify
complex operations using AI

We aim to infuse simplicity with exceptional user experience and interface, into the inherently complex domains of revenue optimization and capacity management. We accomplish this by developing outstanding products powered by artificial intelligence, that are easy to use and designed with real hands-on expertise.

What sets us apart

Industry Expertise
Leveraging the presence of former experts in our industries, we pride ourselves in being able to communicate effectively and understand the needs of our customer.
Product Excellence
We believe that great products stem from the use of modern technology, focus on UX, and a deep understanding of customer needs. This is our focus for now and forever.
Tech-Driven Core
With nearly 80% of our workforce being engineers, we are a tech company at the core and cover all aspects of what stands behind modern cloud-distributed and AI-powered applications.
Result Oriented
We commit, we deliver, and we are pragmatic. We will always put actionability and tangible results over theory.

We envision
transforming traditional
IT landscapes

While we are driven by the ambition to make a difference in revenue optimization and take pride in the robustness and quality of our applications as they are today, we know that it is only through continuous innovation that we can retain our market position.

Write the story with us

October 2014
Wiremind is Founded
The beginning of our journey! Wiremind was founded with a vision to innovate and deliver exceptional optimization solutions to our clients.
February 2015
Launch of CAYZN
Our passenger Revenue Management Solution, CAYZN, was launched and started yielding great results for iDTGV.
July 2016
Launch of CAYZN Tracking
Identifying the need for qualitative competition data, we launched CAYZN Tracking, our tracking tool for airlines, railways, and bus.
August 2016
OUIGO Joins as Our Second CAYZN client
Ouigo, leading French high-speed train company joined iDGTV to become the second client for CAYZN, our innovative Revenue Management System.
November 2017
Emirates SkyCargo Becomes Our First SKYPALLET Client
Our capacity optimization solution, SKYPALLET, caught the attention of Emirates SkyCargo, a global leader in air freight, who became our first client for this innovative product.
October 2018
Introducing PSG as Our First Sports & Events Client
PSG, a giant in the sports world, became our first customer in the sports and events sector, opening up new opportunities for our business.
November 2019
Welcoming Our 30th Employee
Our team grew to 30 dedicated professionals, each bringing unique skills and passion to our company.
September 2020
French Railway Company SNCF Selects CAYZN
High-speed French Railway company, SNCF, a major player in the transportation industry, carrying more than 150M passengers per year, selects CAYZN to optimize its traffic and revenue.
November 2021
Creation of Wiremind Cargo
We continued to innovate and expand our offerings with the launch of Wiremind Cargo, with the investment of CargoTech, to develop a leading player in Air Cargo digital solutions.
June 2022
Launch of EVENTORI With Quevilly-Rouen Métropole
We expanded our offerings in the events industry with the launch of EVENTORI, our comprehensive ticketing and distribution management system for the entertainment industry.
July 2022
New Office in the Heart of Paris
Our growth continued with the opening of a new 770m² office in Grands Boulevards, reflecting our commitment to strengthening our tech and innovation culture.
March 2023
Qatar Airways Cargo Leads as the First CARGOSTACK CMS Client
A significant achievement, Qatar Airways Cargo, a leading air cargo operator became the first client to experience the benefits of our latest cargo management solution, CARGOSTACK CMS.
July 2023
Le Train Marks the Beginning of Our PAXONE Clientele
A proud moment for us, having Le Train as our first client for PAXONE, our latest innovative solution was a significant milestone.
July 2023
Reaching Our 50th Client
A testament to our hard work and dedication, we reached the significant milestone of having 50 clients.
October 2023
Landing the Milestone of 100 Employees
Our team grew to 100 dedicated professionals, each contributing to our continuous growth and success.

We are located in the heart of Paris

Our head office is in the center of Paris at
Grands Boulevards, with local presence in
Monaco, Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Hong Kong.
Worldwide customers

Step into our
tech lab

We aim to become the leading optimization software provider for the transport, supply chain, and event industries. Our team of more than 80 software engineers, data scientists, and product experts all share a common passion for the technical challenges and industries we are working with.

In 2023, we reached a score of 80/100 on our gender pay gap report. We are pleased with this result that shows our efforts made towards gender equality, especially in an industry historically male-dominated. As we keep growing as a company, we commit to work even harder to achieve the highest of scores on this report.

Meet some of our team members

Colin Girault-Matz
Co-founder & CEO
Colin Girault-Matz is the co-founder and CEO of Wiremind. He holds a Master’s degree in Business from Audencia Business School, following which he pursued a career in the transportation industry, particularly in Pricing & Revenue Management departments. Passionate about UX/UI, revenue optimization, and elegant tech products, he leads Wiremind’s product, sales and marketing teams. He also actively participates in the product design phase, ensuring our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.
Charles Pierre
Co-founder & CTO
Charles Pierre is the co-founder and CTO of Wiremind. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Ecole des Mines de Nancy and Columbia University, where he studied applied mathematics and software engineering. Passionate about code, data science and elegant tech product, he oversees all the technical teams at Wiremind while still making time to code himself.

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