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Becoming a Successful Software Engineer From a Diverse Career Path: Interview with Alexandre Lienard

Sruthi Kolukuluri
28 August 2023

Ever wondered about hitting the ‘reset’ button on your career path? What if your next career move was not a step forward, but a leap into something entirely new?

Wiremind’s Software Engineer, Alexandre Lienard, had similar thoughts before his transition phase in early 2022.

Having started his career in the field of marketing, Alexandre pivoted into the tech world when he joined Wiremind as a FullStack Developer intern for CAYZN in 2022. His dedication to learning led him to a full-time role as a Software Engineer in 2023. During this transformative period, he grasped new concepts and eventually immersed himself in his newfound passion for coding and software development.

Recognizing his talent, Wiremind played an active role in shaping his career, providing the resources and mentorship necessary for him to become a skilled member of the CAYZN team. Every team member has unique strengths, and we strive to help them harness these strengths.

Read on to get inspired by Alexandre’s career transition and his journey at Wiremind.

Could you give us a brief background about yourself and what led you to work at Wiremind?

My career started at a book publishing agency after pursuing my Master’s in Marketing. However, it took a 180-degree turn when I decided to reshape my career by enrolling in the 42 School to learn coding. Wiremind caught my eye mainly because of its impressive tech stack, development culture, and innovative products.

What sparked your interest in new technologies and software development, especially given your background in marketing?

As a part of my experience in a book publishing agency, I was exposed to new technologies in two primary ways: first, through the optimization of e-commerce, which involved diving deep into technical specs and frameworks; and second, by automating recurring tasks. Although my lack of understanding of these tools was limiting, I was highly motivated by the considerable productivity gains that they offered.

Can you share any challenges you faced during this career transition and how you overcame them?

Apart from the obvious shift in daily tasks, there was a pronounced culture change that was a bit difficult to cope with in the beginning. Each industry has its unspoken rules and priorities. To bridge this gap, I invested a significant amount of time in research. Speaking candidly with numerous individuals helped me understand the nuances of the software industry.

What was the driving force behind your desire to automate tasks and optimize efficiency? Was there a specific instance that pushed you towards this?

The primary driving force was financial constraints. With the publishing industry operating on razor-thin ROI, every budgetary decision counted. Every automation I could achieve without monetary investment meant more funds for other essential tasks. For instance, I used a VBA script to send press releases instead of pricier newsletter services and adopted web scraping tools to develop new databases. This helped me develop a natural interest in the automation of tasks to achieve optimal efficiency.

How was your experience as a software engineer intern at Wiremind, and how did it prepare you for a full-time role?

The experience was both thrilling and enlightening. With CAYZN, I was introduced to a unique management level of intricate information. It was remarkable to observe how distinct each component was. This internship familiarized me with the daily life of a software engineer, the myriad tools available, and the strategies to accomplish set objectives.

Check out this video of Alexandre giving us an insight into his career at Wiremind.

What are some of the projects or tasks that you’re particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of contributing to the development of our CAYZN Recovery Engine. This innovation will empower analysts to proactively identify and address spilled services in transportation. It analyses booking data, predicts in advance when your service may be spilled and offers actionable insights & suggestions to make data-driven decisions. CAYZN Recovery Engine’s primary goal is to free up capacity in a cabin and reduce the spill to generate more high-fare sales.

What future goals or projects are you looking forward to, both personally and with the CAYZN team?

Personally, my primary goal is continuous improvement. As for the team, we’ve made significant progress in the automation of new environment creation in recent months. I eagerly look forward to the upcoming milestones that take us to the next phase of revenue management. We aim to perpetuate our growth trajectory without compromising on quality.

What advice would you give others looking to make a similar career transition or those interested in joining the tech team of Wiremind?

Planning is the most important thing. Always have an exit strategy and set clear start and end dates. Remember that while the transition is feasible for many, it might not suit everyone. So, experiment, introspect, and be honest with yourself. If you think you can afford to take the plunge, make sure that you read all the documentation (a simple thumb rule for all coders out there; if you know it, you know it). With Wiremind specifically, a foundational knowledge of Python, Angular TypeScript, and NgRx will be an invaluable addition to your portfolio.

In conclusion

This insightful conversation with Alexandre sheds light on the diverse talents at Wiremind, and our dedication to nurturing young professionals.

Want to take the next step in your career? Browse our open job opportunities here. Apply today! We will await to hear from you.

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