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First Half of 2023 at Wiremind: Achievements and Future Plans

Daria Jemli
11 July 2023

Reflecting on six months of collaborating and innovating together to set the course for the future and develop products for advancing the transportation, air cargo, sports, and events industries.

We started the year on a strong note, welcoming new talents to fuel our growth trajectory and conducting our annual seminar to reenergize our teams, setting the stage for an impactful 2023.

What followed was a series of product developments, Wiremind’s presence at multiple events across the world from Singapore to Miami, and new exciting partnerships that gave a boost to our progress.

Let’s take a look at everything that unfurled at Wiremind in the first half of 2023.

CARGO Soaring High into the Skies: Celebrating Successes

2023 started with a pivotal moment for Wiremind, securing Qatar Airways Cargo as our customer. A few weeks later, we also secured our first Latin America-based customer, AeroMexico Cargo, expanding our markets further into the West.

On the product front, our team has been working to enhance product functionalities. A range of new abilities for CARGOSTACK Optimiser, our decision support modules, has been released, including our newest business rule engine as well as advanced alerting features for capacity management.

Our commitment to expansion and growth reflects in our recent initiative with WestJet Cargo on advancing capacity forecasting.

Furthermore, our product experts also marked our presence in important events across the world – Cargo Facts EMEA in Dubai, Air Cargo Africa in Johannesburg, World Cargo Symposium in Istanbul, and Air Cargo Europe in Munich where we spent time exchanging with industry leaders.

Launching PAXONE: The Future of Passenger Transport

We recently unveiled Wiremind’s newest inventory management and ticketing platform, PAXONE, which is set to enhance commercial passenger transport technology.

With PAXONE, we intend to integrate Inventory, Sales, CRM, and RM functions on a single platform – reducing fragmentation that results from working with a range of service providers..

PAXONE is a strategic tool designed for newly launched transport operators who are seeking a competitive advantage, as well as for larger, legacy players who are looking to advance their digital transformation efforts.

Earlier this month, we had the privilege to showcase PAXONE at the i-Nov innovation contest hosted by BPI France. PAXONE garnered notable attention, granting us the laureate title. This award entails funding of 45% of the total project cost for PAXONE, a substantial nod to its prospective impact on the passenger transport industry.

Additionally, we have welcomed our inaugural client, LE TRAIN, into the PAXONE community. As the first private French rail operator providing high-speed regional and inter-regional train services, LE TRAIN is poised to leverage PAXONE to subtly elevate industry benchmarks.

Enhancing Revenue and Strategic Decision-Making with CAYZN

Wiremind’s CAYZN Revenue Management System continues to make a substantial contribution to the transportation industry, assisting prominent European transportation companies in enhancing their revenue and booking volume.

To further advance the system, our team has developed three new game-changing products, each designed to augment a company’s commercial performance. These are CAYZN Recovery Engine, CAYZN Ancillary Management, and CAYZN Horizon.

CAYZN Recovery Engine is tailored to address spilled services, assuring cabin capacity utilization to minimize spillage and facilitate high-value sales. The goal is to enable profitable ticket sales, thereby positively influencing revenue. Meanwhile, CAYZN Ancillary Management enables companies to fully exploit every possible revenue stream, maximizing their financial potential. Lastly, CAYZN Horizon, our latest offering, extends the capability of your revenue management tool, converting it into a comprehensive Commercial Performance Suite. Aimed at C-Level Executives, it serves to enrich business intelligence and facilitate superior strategic decision-making.

Taking Competitive Intelligence to the Next Level with CAYZN Tracking

This year, we had the privilege to deepen our relationships with long-standing clients and warmly welcome new partners into our fold. Notably, SNCF chose to extend their utilization of our insightful scraping tool, CAYZN Tracking.

Speaking about the value of CAYZN Tracking, Stephanie Colin-Darrot, SNCF TGV-Intercités’ Competitive Intelligence Manager, said, “We are very happy to continue this collaboration which began in 2016. This will ensure continuity of everything that has already been put in place.”

Advancements and achievements like these are possible thanks to our dedicated tracking team, which ensures that high-quality data is delivered to customers at all times. We onboarded our leading Anti-Ban expert, Fabien Vauchelles, earlier this year, who has been instrumental in maintaining a 97% success rate and upholding the quality of our data scraping efforts.

In addition, our product experts had meaningful interactions with industry peers at the World Aviation Festival Asia in Singapore and the World Aviation Festival Americas in Miami, reinforcing our commitment to stay informed and engaged.

Reinventing Ticketing for Sports and Events Industries with EVENTORI

The idea of Revenue Management for the sports and events industries has transitioned from a future concept to a near-term reality with our product, EVENTORI.

Throughout the first half of 2023, our product team diligently refined EVENTORI’s features, while our sales team effectively raised its market profile.

We introduced significant UI & UX enhancements to EVENTORI and broadened our offering with substantial additions, such as a comprehensive CRM system, the Extractor, and a versatile Marketplace.

Our product experts participated in Sportem and Vivatech in Paris, where they engaged with key stakeholders face-to-face, marking the beginning of many conversations with organizations intent on transforming their ticket management.

In the first half of 2023, we successfully established partnerships with the Rodez AF club and the AS Monaco Basket. Over the coming months, we anticipate a productive collaboration with these clubs, utilizing their insights and feedback to further refine EVENTORI’s capabilities.

Amongst the Top 200 Tech Companies in France

Wiremind is proud to be recognized as one of the top 200 tech companies in France for the second consecutive year. This distinction is a testament to our unwavering commitment to product innovation, deep customer understanding, and our dedicated team.

The infusion of 27% additional team members in the first half of 2023 bolsters our ongoing expansion plans. Our products sit at the intersection of technological transformation spanning several industries, and our momentum remains strong.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2023, we maintain an upbeat outlook concerning our growth, new product launches, and forged partnerships. None of this could have been possible without the tireless efforts of our team and our clients who believe in our products

Our team remains enthusiastic about delving deeper into the future of transportation, air cargo, sports, and event industries. Our team is keen on innovating and reshaping these sectors with our sophisticated technologies and solutions.

We extend our appreciation to everyone who has contributed to our success. While our objectives for the remainder of 2023 and beyond are ambitious, we are reassured by the unwavering support we’ve received.

For more information or to request a demo of our products, contact us at hello@wiremind.io.

To join us on this exciting journey, explore our current openings here.

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