Wiremind is a SaaS company delivering AI-driven solutions to manage and optimize commercial capacity in the transport, air cargo, and event industries.
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As an innovative, tech-driven company, we consider our employees as our number one asset. Our investment in their professional growth directly correlates with our commitment to produce technologically advanced products.

Wiremind is driven by an ambitious vision to become the go-to partner in the passenger transportation, air cargo, and entertainment industries for configuring, distributing, and optimizing capacity and revenue. Our teams are at the heart of our company, tackling intricate and diverse challenges to deliver complex, AI based software platforms.

Our Core Values:
what matters at Wiremind

A Tech-First Approach
At our core, we are a bootstrapped tech company with a firm belief in the power of technology. Our workforce is predominantly engineers, making up nearly 70% of us.
Committed to Product Excellence
We aim to release products that we are proud of. Even if it requires additional time, we refine until we achieve 100% satisfaction before implementing them for our users.
Self-Reliance and Independence
We’re a team that thrives on self-reliance. By focusing on in-house expertise and leveraging open-source projects, we create advanced tech solutions that stand the test of time.
Stay Hungry and Humble
No matter the challenge to address, we believe that with enthusiasm, cultivated expertise and a humble attitude, we will build superior products for the industries we are serving.
Ownership of Tasks
We believe in the power of ownership. Everyone is encouraged to be the owner of his subject and be responsible to challenge the choices that are made.
Collaboration is Key
We encourage all team members, regardless of experience, to express their opinions. Fresh, innovative ideas are what move the company forward.

Meet some of our team members

Étienne Corbillé
CTO of Wiremind Cargo
Étienne Corbillé, Wiremind Cargo’s CTO, supervises the cargo vertical’s technical aspects. He joined Wiremind in 2016 as a Fullstack developer and became CTO in 2022, driving CARGOSTACK suite product development.
Khaoula Bouazzi
Software Engineer
Khaoula is a Software Engineer at Wiremind working on the CARGOSTACK product suite. She plays a vital role in advancing the products by improving technology for a better user experience.
Alexandre Lienard
Software Engineer
Alexandre is a Software Engineer on the CAYZN team at Wiremind. His journey with Wiremind began as a software engineer intern, following which he started working full-time as a Software Engineer in 2023.
Aby Ndiaye
Office and Happiness Manager
Aby, as Wiremind’s Office and Happiness Manager, is dedicated to cultivating a healthy and innovative workspace, with a focus on employee well-being. She finds joy in connecting with people and radiating positivity.
Hugo Messicat
Product Manager
Hugo is the Product Manager for EVENTORI at Wiremind. He combines his passion for sports with the power of technology to deliver innovative solutions for leading clients in the entertainment industry.
Arnaud Yankwa Wandji
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Arnaud Yankwa Wandji is a Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Wiremind, overseeing a team working on machine learning pipelines for optimization algorithms. He also manages the development of predictive models and tackles technical challenges.

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The Wiremind recruitment process usually takes 2-3 weeks, from application submission to a formal job offer.
An Introductory Video Call
This is our chance to get acquainted. The primary goal is to delve into Wiremind and give you an idea of our diverse set of solutions. We will evaluate how Wiremind can be a good fit for your future career. This helps us gauge the mutual fit between you, the prospective role, and the Wiremind team ethos.
Practical Test
In this phase, we’ll present you with a real-world scenario or challenge relevant to the role you’ve applied for. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and for us to understand your problem-solving approach. Remember, it’s as much about the journey and your thought process as it is about the end result.
Presenting Your Expertise
This is your moment to shine. Dive into the details of your solution, explain your approach, and show us how you tackled the challenge. It’s also a great time to discuss your prospective role at Wiremind. Our team will be there every step of the way to engage, provide feedback, and answer any questions you might have.

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