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Building on its acknowledged expertise in the air cargo industry, Wiremind has created the leading SaaS suite of Cargo Management Solutions, covering your needs from the core booking system to strategic modules that provide AI-driven insights for all key processes.

With our solutions, air cargo stakeholders can achieve both efficient transactional tasks and enhanced decision-making for strategic and tactical initiatives.

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Solutions for all
air cargo stakeholders

For airlines
Drawing upon its experience in developing the market-leading airline palletization solution, SKYPALLET, Wiremind now provides a complete suite of cargo solutions for airlines of all types and sizes. From the most recent cargo management system in the industry, CARGOSTACK CMS, to decision support and automation solutions that leverage advanced data science, our tools cover needs that span from your booking engine to full Revenue Management & Pricing capabilities.

For Freight Forwarders
Use SKYPALLET to determine the capacity requirements of your shipper packing lists in seconds and increase your margin with our forwarder capacity planning solution that optimizes the assignment of house air waybills to make your gateway operations more efficient.
For GSAs
Maximise revenue across your portfolio of airlines with a unique booking system, easy to connect to the airlines you represent through its API-native architecture. In addition, benefit from all our airline modules for those airlines you fully represent.
For GHAs
Reduce disputes around FBLs’ loadability or sell an optimized build up process to airline customers, while also using SKYPALLET to manage your build planning in-warehouse.
For Charter Brokers
Enable your sales team to evaluate charter requests in seconds in SKYPALLET to determine odd-size shipment loadability, and the number and type of aircraft that are most suited to the request.

Cargo solutions for digitizing, automating, and
simplifying cargo handling

Wiremind’s Cargo Suite offers a range of SaaS based air cargo applications that help airlines and forwarders manage their cargo activity. Our suite includes various software applications designed to optimize cargo processes, from booking and pricing to revenue management. Our solutions increase your revenue and are designed to streamline your operations and increase efficiency.
Cargo Management System
CARGOSTACK CMS is the core solution for airlines to manage their end to end cargo transactions. It is built with a modern, API-native tech stack and offers an intuitive UI to enable users to seamlessly manage cargo transactions.
Air Cargo
CARGOSTACK Optimiser leverages in-house machine learning models to solve airline pain points and provide decision insights across Capacity, Revenue, and Pricing Management functions.
Space Optimization & Palletization
SKYPALLET is the ultimate palletization solution for the air cargo industry enabling users to quickly evaluate space requirements, visualize interactive 3D palletized models and minimize inventory wastage.

Integrated Cargo Ecosystem

Streamline your air cargo operations with Wiremind’s Cargo Solutions suite. This integrated platform combines essential features to help you manage cargo transactions end-to-end, optimize your capacity, and make better commercial decisions based on AI-driven insights. Its API-native design simplifies system integration, boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and improves data accuracy, offering a unified solution for the air cargo industry.

Leading brands trust us

Leading airlines, GSAs, freight forwarders, and other air cargo stakeholders from all regions in the world trust us.

Key capabilities
of our cargo management software

Fully manage all of your air cargo related transactions and automate manual tasks. Manage the entire lifecycle of flights, bookings, and much more through intuitively designed workflows.

Benefit from modern connectivity with API-native architecture for seamless integration.

Navigate easily across the CMS with best-in-class UI/UX and seamless workflows.

Highly configurable rules engine and advanced automations to free up time for value adding tasks.

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Manage your air cargo pricing, capacity, and revenue on a single platform. Leverage advanced machine learning models to solve your pain points and access decision insights for capacity, revenue, and pricing management.

AI-powered models provide forecasts and predictions to determine the capacity you will have for sale, the demand you can expect to materialize or a dynamic pricing offer to a customer.

Advanced optimization engines provide automated recommendations on optimal values or strategies to adopt, such as your network-wide entry conditions / hurdle rates or overbooking strategy to pursue.

Intuitive insights, metrics and breakdowns of recommendations with complete information to make right decisions.

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Optimize your flight’s cargo capacity with SKYPALLET

Looking at your available volume and weight on a flight is not enough: with SkyPallet, you can run a flight plan at any stage to see how full you really are and how many actual positions (MD or LD) you have left for sale.

This enables you to optimize your capacity at all stages of the sales lifecycle of your flight, and also provides support for decision-making by quickly allowing you to test several flight configurations to pick the best one.

Achieve 5-15% increases in chargeable weight by ensuring your quotation and capacity planning processes reflect the true, operational loadability of shipments whether for a single request, complex packing list or a flight’s bookings list.

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of our solutions

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