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Streamline air cargo operations with CARGOSTACK CMS

CargoStack Cargo Management System (CMS) is the ultimate core solution for airlines to manage their cargo activity: from schedules to flights, from rates to bookings, we cover the entire span of cargo processes.
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Next-Gen SaaS software
for air cargo management

IATA-compliant messaging standards
CARGOSTACK CMS supports multiple IATA Cargo-IMP message types, from schedule messages to booking requests and freight status messages.
API-native design
Unlock the power of connectivity with CARGOSTACK CMS’s API-centric design, allowing airlines to embed the solution with internal and external systems
Intuitive UI and UX
Empower your team with a well-design application built to support cargo processes and workflows. Users benefit from intuitive UI and insights to support their decision making with minimal effort.

All the features you need
for cargo management in airline & air freight in one software

Flight Management
CARGOSTACK CMS ingests IATA schedule message (SSIM, SSM, ASM) and seamlessly combines them with user-configured templates to manage the dated flight creation process.

Flights are correctly configured for the live selling window, including automatic recommendations on flight configurations that maximize capacity after considering core capacity requirements such as allocations, committed items, baggage.
Booking Management
Manage the complete lifecycle of a booking, including preceding quotations that can be created and stored in CARGOSTACK.

Leverage multiple booking channels such as booking forms, quotations, API, FFR messages as well as an out-of-the-box integration with leading online marketplace CargoAI, to accept bookings.

Our CMS’s booking engine performs relevant checks for booking evaluation across input validation, embargoes, capacity availability and commercial evaluation on a contribution basis.

Complete the lifecycle with FSU milestone updates displayed directly on the booking page as well as the AWB capture process for downstream revenue accounting processes.
Rate Management
Store all rate types (IATA, Market, MSR, Contract, Promos) in CARGOSTACK CMS’s rate manager to be applied at relevant touchpoints (e.g. booking creation).
Allocation management
Create allocation requirements at the master level and let CARGOSTACK CMS automatically create allocations for dated flights.

Intuitive gauges display allocation utilization enabling users to adjust and release allocations as per their preference, with all data being stored for post-flight analysis.
AWB & Agent Management
Manage CASS and non-CASS agent portfolio directly in the CMS. Assign agents portions of your AWB stock and monitor utilization.
Rules & Alerting Engine
Introduce organization-specific automation using CARGOSTACK’s fully configurable rules engine.

Relieve analysts of flight-by-flight management by implementing rules to monitor and manage flights at scale such as entry condition and overbooking adjustments.

Ensure users focus on the most important flights by setting up custom flags/alerts within CARGOSTACK CMS which can be automatically triggered using the rules engine, including custom “criticality” scores to enable users to quickly sort and identify flights in need of action.

CARGOSTACK CMS together with SKYPALLET to achieve new heights in
air cargo management

SKYPALLET is the preferred end-to-end space optimization solution. Our technology and optimization algorithms ensure maximum efficiency while adhering to industry standards.

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Our air cargo solutions are trusted by leading airline operators worldwide.

All you need to know about CARGOSTACK CMS

Wondering if CARGOSTACK CMS is the perfect fit for your needs? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand our product and its benefits.
What is a Cargo Management System (CMS)?
A CMS is a software tool designed to streamline the processes involved in air freight, including booking, tracking, and managing shipments. It automates workflows, optimizes cargo space, and ensures regulatory compliance, while also providing real-time visibility into shipment status.
Why do you need a CMS?
A CMS is vital for streamlining workflows, minimizing manual errors, and enhancing the efficiency of cargo operations. It plays a crucial role in improving customer satisfaction and potentially driving business growth, making it an indispensable tool for any organization involved in cargo transportation.
What makes CARGOSTACK CMS unique in terms of connectivity?
CARGOSTACK CMS offers a multitude of APIs to display rates, availability, and booking details to third-party systems while maintaining IATA-compliant messaging standards.
How does CARGOSTACK CMS simplify the management of air cargo transactions?
Through its intuitively designed workflows, comprehensive rules engine, and alerting system, CARGOSTACK CMS automates manual tasks and streamlines the management process.
Can I access CARGOSTACK CMS online, or do I need to install any software on my computer?
CARGOSTACK CMS is a cloud-based platform, which means you can access it online without the need to install any software on your computer.
How user-friendly is CARGOSTACK CMS for non-technical users?
CARGOSTACK CMS is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive workflows that minimize the learning curve for new users.
How much does CARGOSTACK CMS cost?
CARGOSTACK CMS’s pricing is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Reach out to discuss a plan designed for you.
Why choose CARGOSTACK CMS for your cargo management?
CARGOSTACK CMS is specifically designed to handle the complexities of air cargo transactions. Its intuitive workflows and comprehensive rules engine automate manual tasks, enhancing efficiency. Its multitude of APIs seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, while maintaining IATA-compliant messaging standards, offering the best of both worlds.

In addition, the AI-driven recommendations of CARGOSTACK Optimiser modules further elevate its capabilities, ensuring you are equipped with the most advanced tools to manage your cargo operations effectively. It is a complete, modern, and efficient solution for all your cargo management needs.

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