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Optimize flight capacity

SKYPALLET is the preferred end-to-end space optimization solution. While it is natively integrated to our CargoStack CMS, it is also integrated to other CMS (Cargospot, SkyChain) and CRMs (Salesforce) and can be integrated to yours. SKYPALLET takes different use cases into account and uses comprehensive algorithms to help airlines, GSAs, GHAs and freight forwarders with their daily tasks for the quotation process, capacity control, ULD build-up and weight and balance.
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Enhanced capacity utilization and improved revenue potential with SKYPALLET

Mature palletization algorithm to optimize space
SKYPALLET’s algorithm has been designed and iterated over numerous years for the complexities of air cargo to mimic the palletization process while counting on a flexible optimization layer that can optimize for different outcomes such as volume consumed or operational complexity. Benefit from continuous improvements such as overhangs management, winged pallets and special cargo handling.
API connectivity for an effortless integration into your system
Automate data exchange with SKYPALLET through an API integration to your CMS or system of your choice such as extracting shipment and capacity information or retrieving calculation outcomes such as remaining capacity. Implement a repeatable and dynamic process to routinely call SKYPALLET’s API when circumstances change to rerun calculations.
Configure SKYPALLET to your organization’s needs and processes
We understand that not all airlines and aircraft are identifical and SKYPALLET affords users wide-ranging flexibility to configure capacity, restrictions and other parameters either temporarily per calculation or as defaults for your organization or specific regions/cases.

Unlock the power of digital palletization
and space optimization with SKYPALLET

Accurate and quick cargo quotations for airlines
Check the shipment loadability and ensure space requirements are fully priced in with SKYPALLET’s adjusted weight calculations. Empower your sales your sales and customer service teams with a visual, 3D tool that enables them to understand how the shipment would be loaded operationally and quote faster. Take this one step further by integrating SKYPALLET into your online booking channel to ensure your digital bookings are correctly priced.
Dynamic capacity control and automated flight handover
Run SKYPALLET dynamically in the background of your capacity control process to compute and optimize remaining available capacity true to the digital build up plan. Relinquish the need for fixed build up ratios or stacking loss factors to unlock additional capacity for sale and relieve analysts of time consuming manual flight handovers by using the solution’s plan at flight closure.
Operations and ULD Build Up
Instantly incorporating variables such as freight status, shipment dimensions and other operational variability through SKYPALLET’s API to continuously update the optimized solution and make more informed decisions about warehouse task planning. Leverage SKYPALLET’s step-by-step instructions to support the build up process.

Discover SKYPALLET: your preferred capacity optimization solution

Packages Optimized
ULDs Optimized
Active Users

We improve flight, passenger, and pallet capacity
across all transportation areas

SKYPALLET can improve your entire cargo lifecycle, from quotes to operations, efficiently optimizing capacity and potentially boosting chargeable weight by up to 15%.
Freight Forwarders
Use SKYPALLET to determine the capacity requirements of your shipper packing lists in seconds or improve the efficiency of your allocations utilization.
Maximise revenue across your portfolio of airlines with a unique booking system, easy to connect to the airlines you represent by ensuring designated capacity capacity is optimally utilised with SKYPALLET
Reduce disputes around FBLs’ loadability or sell an optimised build up process to airline customers, while also using SKYPALLET to manage your build planning in-warehouse.

Our clients increase revenue
and use resources efficiently
by optimizing cargo capacity

SKYPALLET helps unlock a 5-15% increase in chargeable weight across the entire cargo lifecycle, from quotation and loadability checks to dynamic capacity control and operations build-up processes. Combining these proven optimization capabilities with significant experience in implementing SKYPALLET in the wider business processes, ensures maximum value is provided by the tool.

SKYPALLET used for
capacity and quotation optimisation
over 1,600 user worldwide

“The air cargo industry is changing – day by day, process by process. Companies need to incorporate technology and algorithms in their processes if they are to take advantage of opportunities in the market and succeed. SKYPALLET’s optimization algorithms support our staff, enabling enhanced decision-making. This will lead to faster quotations and optimized belly capacities – two critical and repetitive processes that we identified in our integral assessment. Implementing SKYPALLET is a cornerstone on our journey towards becoming a more digital Aeromexico Cargo. We have set ourselves the target of implementing and fully deploying the software in our Mexico City Hub operations this year.”
Alejandro Mendez

Create your own
cargo management ecosystem
with Wiremind solutions

CargoStack Cargo Management System (CMS) is the ultimate core solution for airlines to manage their cargo activity: from schedules to flights, from rates to bookings, we cover the entire span of cargo processes.
CARGOSTACK Capacity Management
CARGOSTACK’s Capacity Management solutions provides airline cargo teams with accurate predictions on the overall cargo capacity they will have for sale. Spanning two modules, Capacity Forecast and Overbooking, this solution maximizes revenue through improved inventory utilization, while minimizing operational costs, such as offloads.
CARGOSTACK Pricing Management
CARGOSTACK’s Pricing Management solution enables airlines to manage the entire spot quotation process in a simple to use tool, as well as providing pricing recommendations for spot quotes to facilitate the pricing offer to the customer.

All you need to know

Wondering if SKYPALLET is the perfect fit for your needs? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand our product and its benefits.
What is cargo capacity optimization?
Air cargo capacity optimization involves using tools and technologies to optimize the space in the cargo hold of an airplane. This includes taking into account factors like the shape and size of the cargo, as well as the weight restrictions and balance requirements of the aircraft.
Why do you need to optimize your cargo capacity?
Cargo capacity optimization increases the efficiency and profitability of cargo transport operations by maximizing the amount of cargo that can be transported in each trip. This not only reduces the cost per unit of cargo but also helps to reduce the environmental impact of transportation by minimizing the number of trips required to transport the same amount of cargo.
Who can benefit from using SKYPALLET?
Airlines, General Sales Agents (GSAs), Ground Handling Agents (GHAs), and freight forwarders can all benefit from using SKYPALLET.
Can I access SKYPALLET online, or do I need to install any software on my computer?
SKYPALLET is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which means that you can access it online without having to install any software on your computer. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to access SKYPALLET from anywhere in the world, at any time, making it a convenient and flexible solution for managing your cargo operations.
How user-friendly is SKYPALLET for non-technical users?
SKYPALLET sets the standard for ease of use while fully complying with industry regulations. Its simulated palletization and advanced optimization algorithms consolidate all necessary tools in one place, streamlining your end-to-end cargo capacity management process.
How much does SKYPALLET cost?
SKYPALLET’s pricing is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Reach out to discuss a plan designed for you.
Can SKYPALLET integrate with third-party systems?
SKYPALLET’s API allows for seamless integration with your own Cargo Management System or third-party partners.
Why choose SKYPALLET for cargo capacity optimization?
With its advanced simulated palletization feature, SKYPALLET helps unlock a 5-15% increase in chargeable weight across the entire cargo lifecycle, from quotation and loadability checks to dynamic capacity control and operations build-up processes. This optimization results in significant cost savings and improved profitability. Furthermore, SKYPALLET’s API integration provides seamless compatibility with existing Cargo Management Systems or third-party partners, offering users flexibility and ease in managing their cargo operations. SKYPALLET’s adherence to industry standards and cutting-edge optimization algorithms make it a reliable and effective solution for freight airlines aiming to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in their cargo handling processes.

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