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Step up your revenue management game
with CAYZN

CAYZN is the ultimate Revenue Management Solution that leverages advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and UX research into the art of revenue and capacity optimization.

Through cutting-edge operational research and Machine-Learning, CAYZN delivers a real-time forecasting and optimization pipeline that can handle thousands of departures in a complex network, helping you find the optimal price path that maximizes revenues and load factor.

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Unlock your revenue potential

Increased productivity
RM analysts love using CAYZN. It enables them to automate low-value processes and focus on high-value departures in a streamlined and clear workflow.
Additional revenue growth
Compared to standard revenue management solutions, CAYZN customers typically unlock a 5-15% revenue premium.
Operational Excellence
CAYZN respects the highest SLA standards and can scale infinitely with your business while retaining the same speed.
Product Focused
New features raised from our user groups are frequently deployed, benefiting our customer community of the experience of thousands of RM analysts.

Is CAYZN the perfect Revenue Management System
for your industry?

Our CAYZN Aero version is a Revenue Management system that is specifically designed to addresses point-to-point and network optimization, while offering advanced features such as overbooking, aircraft swap, ancillary management, etc.
CAYZN’S Revenue Management equips railways with a unique system to be able to optimize ticket prices and load factors in real-time, handle thousands of departures simultaneously, with in-built features for the railway industry such as multiple legs, night trains, twin trains, walk-ups, etc.
With CAYZN’s cutting-edge operational research and machine learning capabilities, bus operators can optimize traffic and revenue, with our user-friendly interface, our Business Rules Engine, and our Forecast & Optimization capacities. CAYZN’s scalability and performance prowess is especially important for the bus industry with its complex schedules and hundreds of departures.

Integrating CAYZN with the extensive CAYZN Ecosystem

Optimize all paths of Revenue Management ecosystem to maximize your revenue. CAYZN architecture enables seamless integration with any sales or distribution systems. Plug CAYZN to our numerous add-ons (CAYZN AI, Horizon, CAYZN Tracking, PAXONE) to get access to a unique and powerful commercial IT ecosystem.

All-in-one revenue
management solution
for airline, railway, and bus operators

Forecast Engine
CAYZN’s Forecast Engine uses machine learning algorithms to accurately predict demand and uncover its associated price elasticity at O&D level. Fed with realtime bookings, and natively integrated with CAYZN, it delivers always up-to-date forecast to the analysts.
Optimization Engine
CAYZN’s Optimization Engine built on machine learning and operational research techniques, identifies the most efficient path to maximize revenue for individual departures or entire networks. This is achieved while meeting business constraints, such as minimum load factor, price stability, competition undercut, etc. Integrated into the real-time and event-driven architecture of cayzn, the optimization is refreshed multiple times a day based on several triggers covering a whole range of risky situations.
Bussiness Rule Engine
CAYZN’s Business Rule Engine provides a user-friendly, no-code interface that simplifies the process of creating alerts and automating repetitive tasks. Designed for ease of use, it enables users, regardless of their coding experience, to effortlessly set up alerts and adapt to dynamic availability changes. The engine also supports advanced features like loops and conditional programming, extending its utility and reach for diverse automation needs.
Revenue Management Workflow
CAYZN’s Revenue Management Workflow is the primary interface of the CAYZN system, that enables analysts to obtain a complete overview of their portfolio. It presents all the relevant information with an intuitive drill-down approach to facilitate efficient analysis and decision-making.

Made by revenue managers
for revenue managers

User-friendly interface
Natural workflows that take away the need to switch tabs or use cumbersome tools. Its intuitive features are easy to understand and get used to without having to constantly refer to the user guide.
AI-driven forecast & optimization
Real-time forecasting and optimization pipeline capable of handling thousands of departures to find the optimal price path maximising revenue and/or load factor.
Save your time by automation
Business Rules engine offers a rich interface that can automate repetitive tasks thanks to hundreds of variables. Create alerts, change prices in real-time, and execute conditional programming with ease.

Discover CAYZN: your end-to-end revenue management solution

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Bookings Optimized

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Boost CAYZN’s performance
with valuable additions

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency or increase profitability, CAYZN has the tools you need to succeed. By complementing the current system with additional modules, CAYZN is enhanced further to meet the escalating needs of transportation industry.
Assess macro business performance using CAYZN Horizon
A drill-down workflow that empowers C-level or team managers to identify important insights and make informed decisions. It gives access to past performance data and insights into future performance through reliable forecasts, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning.
Optimize ancillary services using CAYZN Ancillary Management
Enables inventory management and price optimization of ancillary services like additional baggage, lounge services, and purchasing extra seats, to maximize revenue. It gives valuable insights into customer patterns and trends for ancillary services, enabling users to make data-driven decisions.
Recover untapped revenue using CAYZN Recovery Engine
Empowers transportation providers by proactively identifying and addressing spilled services. Using this, businesses can efficiently capitalize on untapped revenue streams and recover lost revenue.

All you need to know about CAYZN

Not sure if CAYZN is the right solution for you? We have answered some frequently asked questions for you to get an understanding of the product.
What is Revenue Management?
Revenue Management is the art of selling the right product or service, to the right customer, at the right time, and at the right price, to maximize revenue and volumes. It is a strategy that is often used by transportation companies to optimize their income by managing inventory, pricing, and distribution based on customer demand and market conditions.
Why do you need to manage your revenue?
Revenue Management is crucial to balance load factors between low and high-demand departures. It helps ensure that businesses are maximizing their income potential while ensuring customers can always find available seats, even in peak departure periods.
What is the average time it takes for a new user to become proficient with CAYZN?
Analysts can get a first grip of CAYZN immediately. Beyond that, you will always gain additional knowledge through our documentation centers and our customer success teams who will give you with all the support you need. Even if something slips your mind, don’t worry, we have your back!
Can I access CAYZN online, or do I need to install any software on my computer?
CAYZN is a SaaS platform, which means it’s available online and can be accessed from your web browser anywhere in the world, without the need for installation. This allows you to take action at any time, in any situation.
How does CAYZN handle data security and privacy?
Data security and privacy take up the utmost importance here at Wiremind. We follow all of the security guidelines and ensure that our customer’s data is safe and internal.
Can CAYZN be integrated with third-party tools?
CAYZN is designed to be flexible and user-friendly, and can easily be integrated with a range of third-party tools, such as inventory or distribution systems, to streamline your operations and improve efficiency.
Why choose CAYZN for Revenue Management?
Designed by former RM Analysts for Revenue Managers, CAYZN is an intuitive solution that simplifies the process of revenue management. Our product experts, who have firsthand experience with the challenges faced by revenue managers, continuously introduce updates to enhance the software’s capabilities. In addition, we boast a dedicated and experienced data science team committed to ensuring that optimization is not a black box. We believe in transparency and strive to provide our users with clear insights to make informed decisions.
How much does CAYZN cost?
CAYZN’s pricing is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Reach out to discuss a plan designed for you.
What benefits will my company get from implementing CAYZN?
Implementing CAYZN can significantly boost your revenue by 5-15%, thanks to the system’s real-time forecasting and AI-powered optimization. CAYZN’s data-driven insights support strategic decision-making, while optimized capacity and pricing help you achieve excellence in RM. CAYZN offers the best combination of automated actions and business insights to always make the right move at the right time. As your company grows, CAYZN’s scalable features will continue to meet your evolving needs, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

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