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The comprehensive ticketing & inventory management solution

PAXONE is an innovative SaaS platform transforming the landscape of passenger commercial operations. Recognizing the issues transport operators face due to the fragmented and outdated IT systems, PAXONE aims to seamlessly integrate these systems — Ticketing, Inventory, CRM, and Revenue Management interfacing, into a unified and modern ecosystem.
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Integrated ecosystem for transportation industry

PAXONE’s ticketing system allows passengers to book tickets and perform a wide range of after-sales operations. It optimizes ancillary products, and enables unique post-booking and onboard sales, diversifying revenue streams and boosting sales.
Inventory management
PAXONE’s Inventory system manages the schedule, and calculates the availability of seats and products. Its outstanding flexibility allows to create highly innovative commercial offerings, such as provisional-departure-time tickets, optimized overbooking and through-fare prices.
PAXONE’s integrated CRM allows users to interact and send targeted offers to customers to make sure they receive the right offer at the right time.
CAYZN integration
By synergising Revenue Management with Inventory, CRM and RMS (CAYZN), the platform enables transport operators to fully leverage RM and dynamic pricing, driving profitability and enhancing efficiency.

Get insights and optimize every process with PAXONE

Sleek design and ease-of-use
PAXONE offers exceptional UX and UI, with user-friendly navigation and an attractive design that is both straightforward and effective. This system simplifies setup, lowers maintenance costs, and facilitates implementation.
Innovation unleashed by integration
Uniting ticketing, Inventory, CRM and RM capabilities facilitates developments that require all these systems to evolve simultaneously under a single roadmap. As a result, PAXONE can quickly implement innovative features that are usually not available by default in standard inventory & ticketing systems.
Game-changing features powered by AI
PAXONE uses AI to optimize commercial products and transport operations. Use cases of AI leverage range from improving CRM targeting strategies by analyzing customer engagement patterns, to optimizing overbooking and recommending schedule adjustments.

Integrating PAXONE
with the existing
Passenger Suite Ecosystem

PAXONE is a comprehensive ecosystem with the Sales Platform at its core. Native integrations with the Revenue Management System (CAYZN) and our built-in CRM allow to build powerful cross-functional features and share data seamlessly. Distribution is powered by OSDM, through our own Agent Portal, or external distribution channels.

Solution for Transportation Management
in your industry


PAXONE offers airlines a comprehensive toolset that brings all the crucial commercial IT functionalities under one umbrella. The platform is designed to fit the needs of point-to-point as well as hub-based networks. It focuses on the optimization of ancillary services – the ultimate revenue drivers for airlines.

Railway companies

PAXONE solves a long-standing issue of disjointed and outdated IT systems in the railway industry by unifying inventory, ticketing, CRM, and RMS in a single modern system. The platform’s easy integration with third-party systems enables exchange of data about schedule, delays etc. It is compatible with an EU-endorsed framework known as OSDM, which allows smooth integration across various distribution channels.

Bus operators

PAXONE’s unified IT ecosystem provides a streamlined approach to managing inventory, sales, and customer relationships. The platform enables pricing through a ‘bid-price’ logic to effectively optimize the inventory of low-capacity cabins which operate on a high number of stops. It also has the ability to generate intermodal offers with other transport providers like local trains, regional buses, and more.

Innovations in Transportation
Management with PAXONE, our SaaS solution

Offer optimized prices for connecting trips
Standard inventory systems simply compute connection prices using the prices of the individual segments. PAXONE enables the optimization of connecting trip prices to match the true willingness-to-pay of connecting passengers.
Maximize operating margin with Schedule Optimization
PAXONE applies advanced data analytics and AI to simulate network planning scenarios, forecasting revenue, ridership and costs. This facilitates the streamlining of schedules, optimizing unnecessary operations and maintenance.
Generate additional revenue with Tactical Overbooking
Using AI to predict no-shows based on ticket control data, PAXONE allows to maximize overbooking revenue while minimizing the risk of having unseated passengers.
Increase booking volume with Flexible Departure-time Sales
PAXONE allows to sell tickets with flexible departure times, e.g. to increase a booking horizon constrained by schedule uncertainties. Confirmed departure times are then automatically communicated to passengers.

PAXONE enables our clients to achieve new heights

“The implementation of our commercial policy is at the heart of LE TRAIN’s success. In order to do so effectively, we need to be able to rely on high-performance, flexible, and robust solutions that guarantee the personalisation and fluidity of the customer experience. That is why we chose PAXONE by Wiremind.

Our collaboration with Wiremind marks the beginning of a new strategic stage for LE TRAIN, which is continuing to develop itself to offer high-speed inter- and intra-regional connections in the Greater West of France by 2026. We are pleased to be working with a company that resembles us in its commercial approach: innovative, agile, and resolutely focused on providing a high-level quality service to its customers.”
Alain Getraud

All you need to know about PAXONE

Not sure if PAXONE is the right solution for you? We have answered some frequently asked questions for you to get an understanding of the product.
How does PAXONE differ from other commercial IT platforms?
PAXONE sets itself apart by offering a unified system that brings together Inventory, Sales, CRM, and RM integration, reducing the complexity of the commercial IT infrastructure. It focuses on providing superior user experience with its user-friendly navigation and aesthetically pleasing interface.
Who can benefit from using PAXONE?
Transport operators in the railway, bus, and airline industries can benefit from using PAXONE. Its comprehensive toolset and innovative features can help them stay at the forefront of the evolving passenger transport landscape and meet the demands of modern travelers.
Can I access PAXONE online, or do I need to install any software on my computer?
PAXONE is a cloud-based SaaS platform, meaning you can access it online without the need to install any software on your computer. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to log in and start using the platform from anywhere in the world. This provides you with the flexibility and convenience to manage your commercial operations whenever and wherever it suits you best.
How user-friendly is PAXONE for non-technical users?
PAXONE is designed with a user-friendly interface to accommodate users of all technical levels. Its intuitive design and clear navigation make it easy for non-technical users to access and utilize the platform’s features.
How much does PAXONE cost?
PAXONE’s pricing is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Reach out to discuss a plan designed for you.
Can PAXONE be integrated with third-party tools?
Yes, PAXONE can be easily integrated with third-party tools, streamlining your workflow and improving efficiency.
Why choose PAXONE for Ticketing & Inventory Management?
With PAXONE, transport operators are equipped with a comprehensive and powerful tool to stay at the forefront of the evolving passenger transport landscape, matching market trends and meeting the increasingly sophisticated demands of today’s travelers.

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