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Achieving Measurable Success: AS Monaco Basket Unlocks Improved Revenue with EVENTORI

Sruthi Kolukuluri
10 April 2024

EVENTORI became AS Monaco Basket’s exclusive ticketing management solution in July last year – with a mission to improve their ticketing and revenue performance.

In a recent conversation with AS Monaco Basket’s Head of Ticketing, Violaine Morand, she revealed how EVENTORI is helping their club achieve significant improvements. Within just six months, our next-generation ticketing solution has helped the premier basketball club achieve excellent results with an anticipated 50% increase in ticketing revenue compared to last season.

AS Monaco Basket is a leading French basketball club and the reigning champion of France. Hosting home games in the iconic Gaston Médecin Hall in Monaco, the club increased its capacity in the summer of 2022 to 4,500 seats. They were keen to adopt the ideal ticketing management solution to make the best use of this increased capacity.

Improved Revenue and Occupancy Rate for AS Monaco Basket

  • Boosting Sales and Revenue: EVENTORI has enabled the club to maintain a high attendance rate by compensating for the reduction in invitations with a significant increase in ticketing revenue by 50% compared to last season.
  • Enhancing Fan Experience: With EVENTORI, the club has been able to develop a fully personalized ticketing interface designed for its fans, allowing them to book and manage their tickets easily from their mobile. Thus, access to the hall has been streamlined and simplified.

These advancements are best encapsulated by Violaine Morand, who notes, “EVENTORI has not only increased our ticketing revenue but has also consistently supported us with their expertise and service.”

Hear from her directly:

Investing in Product Growth

Since its launch, EVENTORI has had significant growth both in terms of product development and the team’s capabilities.

The product was developed based on our strong expertise in the passenger transportation and air cargo industries. Leveraging AI-driven analytics, EVENTORI offers real-time insights into ticket sales performance, enabling the club to make data-informed decisions swiftly.

In the last 6 months, the EVENTORI team size doubled with the addition of a new Head of Growth, Jules Delille, and Software backing to spearhead the development of the product.

Reflecting on the partnership with AS Monaco Basket, Jules Delille says, “At Wiremind, we are proud to collaborate with such a prestigious club as AS Monaco Basket. We are delighted to support the club’s ambitions and contribute to its revenue strategy with EVENTORI, our all-in-one ticketing solution.”


In the first half of the season, several new features were progressively developed for AS Monaco Basket to meet their expectations. Features like stadium modelization and integration, data migration, new payment processor integration, B2B ticketing management, ticket transfer, and nominative tickets were made available for the club.

Our team makes consistent efforts to improve the product by sending out surveys, conducting focus group discussions, and gathering direct feedback from clients.

As this collaboration continues to evolve, it sets a precedent for how clubs can leverage advanced technology to scale new heights in revenue performance and customer experience.

Wondering if it’s the right time to change your ticketing management solution? Reach out to us at sales@wiremind.io to get a first-hand demo of EVENTORI.

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