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Home / Resources hub / Blog / Scoring Big in the Arena of Digital Transformation: Wiremind’s EVENTORI is Chosen by AS Monaco Basket as Its Exclusive Partner for Ticketing

Scoring Big in the Arena of Digital Transformation: Wiremind’s EVENTORI is Chosen by AS Monaco Basket as Its Exclusive Partner for Ticketing

Daria Jemli
3 July 2023

In an era marked by the relentless pursuit of innovation, AS Monaco Basket and Wiremind are set to redefine the sports industry’s ticketing landscape. Driven by the desire to deliver an unparalleled fan experience, the eminent European basketball club has now partnered with Wiremind. The collaborative effort will focus on enhancing AS Monaco Basket’s existing ticketing system using EVENTORI – Wiremind’s next-gen solution.

Wiremind’s Grand Slam: EVENTORI’s Unique Approach to Sports Ticketing

This strategic alliance with AS Monaco Basket marks a pivotal advancement in Wiremind’s global growth trajectory, underscoring the company’s commitment to expanding the footprint of its flagship product, EVENTORI. Offering a disruptive innovation to sports clubs, EVENTORI is designed to be an integrated solution that redefines ticket management.

In line with Wiremind’s persistent endeavor to provide intuitive products, the advanced back-office capabilities of EVENTORI allow for easy setup and management of every aspect of ticket sales. A centralized, user-friendly platform will assist ticketing managers at AS Monaco Basket in managing essential data points from sales and revenue to occupancy and access control. In addition, what sets EVENTORI apart is its Revenue Management capability, which enables organizations to optimize capacity and increase revenue.

Speaking about this partnership, Violaine Morand, Head of Ticketing at AS Monaco Basket, applauded Wiremind’s innovative approach. “Wiremind’s commitment to modernizing and reinventing ticketing operations aligns perfectly with our vision at AS Monaco Basket. With EVENTORI’s advanced features, such as the intuitive back-office, user-friendly front-office, or secure access control, our ticketing operations will be significantly enhanced and our fans will have a seamless and enjoyable ticketing experience. They’ve crafted a system that keeps things simple while staying focused on what really matters – making the ticketing process a breeze for our supporters,” she noted.

A Customized Digital Experience: Elevating Fan Interaction with EVENTORI’s Front-Office

Taking a customer-first approach, EVENTORI’s robust front-office capabilities promise an intuitive, personalized ticket-purchasing experience for AS Monaco Basket’s fans. A B2C website that mirrors the club’s ethos can be designed with ease, offering secure transactions and a user-friendly interface for browsing, booking, and storing tickets.

Data-Driven Fan Engagement: Leveraging CRM Integration for Precision Marketing

EVENTORI’s sophistication does not stop at the user interface. A seamless integration with the club’s existing CRM allows AS Monaco Basket to target its fans with offers tailored to their preferences. The tool’s advanced features are critical to managing a busy event calendar, from regular matches and playoffs to the prestigious EuroLeague.

Securing the Fan Experience: EVENTORI’s Advanced Access Control

Recognizing the critical importance of security in contemporary sports events, AS Monaco Basket is leveraging EVENTORI SCAN – an advanced access control tool. This system will allow for efficient stadium check-ins while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of ticketing data.

Reflecting on this collaboration, Colin Girault-Matz, co-founder and CEO at Wiremind, commented: “We are incredibly proud to work with such a prestigious partner as AS Monaco Basket, which has done amazing work in recent years, particularly this season, by making it to the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague’s Final Four and winning their first French title. We have also found the perfect ticketing team to partner with, sharing our mindset of pushing the boundaries of existing habits and disrupting the sports and events industry through the use of EVENTORI, our AI-powered ticketing and distribution solution.”

Setting the Benchmark: Transforming the Future of Sports Ticketing

This landmark alliance between AS Monaco Basket and Wiremind’s EVENTORI isn’t just a partnership – it’s a commitment to redefining the boundaries of the sports ticketing industry. Powered by the vigor of innovation and a mutual desire to amplify fan engagement, the companies are setting a new industry benchmark. AS Monaco Basket, with EVENTORI’s trailblazing technology, is poised to usher in a new era of digital transformation, enhancing the fan experience beyond expectations and attracting a broad spectrum of new audiences.

With their sights set on the future, AS Monaco Basket and Wiremind are not just playing the game – they’re changing it. This bold step is only the beginning of a thrilling journey that promises to reshape the sports ticketing landscape and redefine what it means to be a fan.

And now, it’s your turn to be a part of this digital revolution. To learn how EVENTORI can transform your ticketing operations, contact us at hello@wiremind.io for a demo.

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