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The role of AI in optimizing revenue management: An interview with Bastien Molter, CAYZN Product Owner

Daria Jemli
24 January 2023
The role of AI in optimizing revenue management: An interview with Bastien Molter, CAYZN Product Owner

How CAYZN is streamlining workflows and empowering Revenue Management teams

This week, we at Wiremind celebrate the one-year professional anniversary of Bastien Molter joining our team as a Product Owner for our flagship product, CAYZN. Bastien has played a key role in the development and launch of several new features, which have been well-received by the industry. He’s been an advocate for the customer’s needs, which has helped us to improve our product and make it even more valuable for our target audience.

But what exactly does it take to be a Product Owner for CAYZN? We sat down with Bastien to discuss his approach to product development, his experience working with cross-functional teams, and how he stays informed about industry trends and customer needs.

How would you describe CAYZN in a nutshell?

CAYZN is a state-of-the-art Revenue Management System (RMS) that equips revenue management (RM) teams with everything they need to make informed and effective yield decisions. This includes features such as user-friendly design, automated actions, competitor tracking and matching, and AI-based optimization. Having previously worked as an airline revenue management analyst, CAYZN is the RMS solution I had always hoped for.

Can you share more about your experience as a Product Owner? How does it align with the development of CAYZN?

As a data Product Owner, I closely collaborate with the Data Science team to achieve our shared goal of delivering the best possible AI-based optimization algorithms. Our approach is to combine cutting-edge technologies with pragmatic revenue management knowledge and techniques. This is an integral part of developing CAYZN, as it serves as the most advanced tool for RM analysts, fundamentally transforming the way they work.

How do you stay informed about industry trends and customer needs?

Holding weekly meetings with our clients’ revenue management teams allows us to stay attuned to the industry and gain a deeper understanding of their unique needs. Collaborating closely with our skilled Data Engineering team enables us to design innovative solutions that effectively address these needs.

By doing so, we come up with solutions and new ways to meet these demands, and sometimes with features that the clients didn’t think were possible.

Can you think about some CAYZN feature you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of and why?

I am incredibly proud to have been a part of the development of CAYZN.Aero, a custom-built version of our RMS tailored specifically to the needs of airlines. As a former airline revenue management analyst, it was a rewarding experience to apply my knowledge to design an RMS that addresses the shortcomings of the systems I have used in the past.

The integration of AI-based optimization is a standout feature and an essential component in today’s highly competitive airline industry.

How do you measure the performance of a product?

I would divide my approach into the following categories:

  • Customer feedback and satisfaction. Constant connection with RM teams of our clients who are highly satisfied with CAYZN optimization algorithms helping them in their daily work, streamlining their workflow, and allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.
  • Revenue and profitability. Quantification of the positive impact of CAYZN optimization capacities on the revenue growth of our clients.
  • Product usage and adoption. Observing our clients progressively expand the use of AI optimization across their network as it proves to be effective.

In summary, CAYZN is a game-changer in the field of Revenue Management, thanks to its innovative AI-based optimization and user-friendly design. As Bastien Molter said, the system is designed with a focus on the needs of clients and industry trends. CAYZN is the solution that streamlines the workflow of revenue management teams and allows them to focus on high-value tasks. Please get in touch if you have any questions about CAYZN or other products of Wiremind.

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