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Expanding Capabilities: Discover the New Additions at Wiremind in Early 2024

Hania Mezaache
17 April 2024
New Additions at Wiremind in Early 2024.

Innovation is a never-ending cycle, especially for tech-focused solutions. At Wiremind, our team members work hard daily to push our limits and set new standards. As we embark on an exciting phase of expansion and evolution, we take great pride in introducing the latest additions to our talented team.

We warmly welcome Adrien Moretti, Jordane Lamarche, Jules Delille, Eugenio Massini, Victor Nigretto, Damien Jouve, Khawla Mlahi, Rémy Denay, Romain Magne, Rémi Tan, Bastien Tardits, and Rémi Offner. These 12 new team members will contribute to our growing client base and the multiple advancements that our products are gearing up for in the near future!

Join us on this exciting journey of integrating new additions into our company.

HR & Finance Teams are Growing

We welcomed our Head of HR, Jordane Lamarche, early this year to hit the ground running on leading our People initiatives and enriching our existing team. Jordane is an experienced professional in the Tech and HR landscapes with a track record of 12 years of success. She is passionate about equipping teams with the resources they need to excel, thereby facilitating their growth. She says, “We have a fantastic HR roadmap ahead of us with a lot of work around growing and nurturing the team. My goal is to provide both stability and leadership to the HR function in order to support our growth.”

On the Finance side, we have Khawla Mlahi, a student at University Paris-Nanterre, joining us as the Finance and Administration intern to bring a fresh perspective and extra help to the team. She says, “I am eager to tackle the various tasks in our plan, each filled with diverse and exciting projects. This internship is a great opportunity that I believe will help me enhance my analytical mindset.”

EVENTORI Focuses on Expansion

As we navigate this period of growth for EVENTORI, we are pleased to welcome our newest members who bring great added value to the table.

Jules Delille, our Head of Growth, brings not only his expertise and commitment to efficiently manage increased demands but also an enthusiasm to explore fresh collaborations. As a previous user of EVENTORI, he has an insider perspective which will provide the team great value. He says, “In the upcoming months, it will be crucial to foster a sales and marketing culture within EVENTORI to increase its market presence. I am eager to learn from my tech-oriented colleagues. This presents an opportunity to work closely with software development experts.”

Damien Jouve, who has been working on EVENTORI for around 1+ years now, successfully transitioned from an intern to a full-time member. As a Junior Product Owner, he is driven to continue contributing to the product’s enhancement with his innovative ideas and diligent work. In his words, “My desire is for the product to evolve alongside my work and become a significant part of the market. This would mean a great deal to everyone who has been working on it for the past two years.”

Adrien Moretti, on the other hand, joins the team’s tech side as a Lead Frontend Engineer. A passionate coder, Adrien also likes design and engineering. He is an entrepreneur who developed many applications in the IoT and technology space and is now stepping into the entertainment industry. Speaking about his current role, he says, “At Wiremind, there are many applications that I can discover and master in a shorter time frame. When I was introduced to EVENTORI, I couldn’t help but say yes to being a part of developing this solution. I was well received by the team, and want to give my full focus to ensure EVENTORI meets expectations.”

The team also has two new interns, Rémi Tan and Bastien Tardits, who work as Software and Product Owner interns respectively. Rémi, as a future Software Engineer, is excited to be surrounded by an expert collaborative team that is very hands-on and knowledgeable. He says, “I am motivated to take on challenges and contribute to software development by creating and implementing new features in my project. My aspiration is not only to improve my coding abilities but also to gain a deeper understanding of the software lifecycle.”

As for Bastien, he worked previously as a full-stack developer and is now taking up the challenge of a product role. As a Product Owner intern for QA, he says, “I’m hoping to learn a lot and get my hands on different subjects like discovery and QA which I like. I’m also keen to get better at specifications, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for EVENTORI!“

The CARGO team welcomes a new member

Bastien Magne, a student from EDHEC Business School, joins the Cargo team as the new Software Engineer intern. Coming in with a blend of product and tech experience, he is ambitious to take on new challenges. He says, “I expect to enhance my software engineering skills, including both front-end and back-end development. At Wiremind, I have the opportunity to explore back-end development more and improve my skillset.

CAYZN Steps into New Avenues

The CAYZN team is entering a new expansion phase with the addition of multiple new clients. To support this growth, they have welcomed two new members to the product team. Eugenio Massini and Victor Nigretto have both joined as CAYZN Product Experts to fulfill our client’s expectations. Victor explains, “For me, the priority is to provide the best possible support to our customers. I want to leverage my cross-functional project management skills to quickly and easily analyze product improvement needs.”

Speaking of the working environment, Eugenio adds, “I met many amazing colleagues who were ready to support my learning from the get-go. I was particularly keen on understanding the intricacies of revenue management and getting to grips with how CAYZN operates. In the coming months, my goal is to support our clients to my best potential.

Last but not least, Rémi Offner and Rémy Denay joined the team as Data Engineer and QA Analyst interns to gain valuable experiences in the transportation industry. As this is the first professional experience for Rémi, he explains, “My goals include learning as much as possible and continuing to enjoy my work here. I am already seeing improvements in my skills and understanding within this vast technical environment.

On the other hand, Rémy brings robust software development skills and practical engineering experience to the team. He says, “As a QA Analyst intern, I expect to gain a thorough understanding of our solution and the transportation industry. I am particularly interested in the development of our competition tracking solution, CAYZN Tracking, and hope to enhance my project management skills throughout the internship.”

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