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Event ticketing
and optimization system EVENTORI

Maximize your impact in the sports or entertainment industry by embracing digital transformation and leveraging AI-driven insights. Use EVENTORI to digitize your commercial offerings, monitor ticket sales in real-time, and optimize your events through data-driven strategies, boosting revenue and occupancy rates.
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Integrating EVENTORI
with the existing Entertainment Suite Ecosystem

Eventori is an all-in-one solution designed to manage everything in one place: Back-office, Front-Office, Access Control, Business Intelligence, CRM, and Revenue Management. It’s built to provide an entire ecosystem, reducing integration and maintenance costs while improving data quality with a single source of truth.

Make EVENTORI an indispensable
tool for selling and distributing event tickets

EVENTORI Back Office
Configure your venue, define product offerings, create your events, and determine your pricing in a flash with the Back Office. The system is seamlessly integrated with the Front Office, unlocking the potential for smooth online ticket sales. In addition, you can also monitor your key metrics such as occupancy rates or revenue in real-time through robust data visualization tools and dashboards.
EVENTORI Front Office
Craft a personalized Front Office experience tailored to your unique needs with EVENTORI. Ideal for event organizers and sports clubs, this intuitive interface lets you effortlessly manage payments and empowers attendees to navigate and secure their tickets with ease. It’s the seamless, user-focused solution you’ve been searching for.
EVENTORI Access Control
Revolutionise your event’s entry process with EVENTORI Access Control. This modern solution accelerates check-ins, fortifies ticketing data security, and optimizes attendee journey. Leverage our progressive web app on smartphones or PDAs to gain a command over crowd flows with a real-time monitoring dashboard, an indispensable tool for managing large venues with multiple checkpoints.
Elevate your campaign management to new heights with EVENTORI CRM, a powerful add-on designed for impact. This module provides a dynamic, user-friendly interface for crafting, duplicating, editing, and deleting mail campaigns. Dive into a world of detailed customization and precise tracking, empowering your outreach strategies like never before.
Discover unparalleled insights into your ticket sales with EVENTORI RMS. This advanced Revenue Management System offers a wide array of analytical views, each tailored to different aspects of performance. Visualize sales data in real-time, set alerts for sales inefficiencies, and adjust pricing instantly, ensuring your event’s financial success.
EVENTORI Resell Platform
Streamline your ticket resale process with EVENTORI Resell Platform. Designed to create a fluid experience for both back and front office users, it encompasses everything from setting resale parameters to managing the actual buying and selling of tickets. It’s your comprehensive solution for a safe and flexible ticket reselling ecosystem.

EVENTORI — innovative technology
for event ticketing price strategy

A simple and efficient workflow
EVENTORI has been designed to make your life simple! It is a user-friendly solution that is modern and sleek. Leverage its advanced back-office to virtually recreate your room or stadium, directly organize your seat mapping, categorize your ticket pricing, and efficiently monitor the customer relationship management for each event you organize.
Access to real-time data
Sales and key data are provided in real-time, along with demand forecasts to allow better decision-making. Revenue optimization is key to the EVENTORI management system and can be automated. You will watch live how your ticket sales are going and be able to run reports with key business results and insights.
AI-powered forecasting and optimization
Thanks to robust algorithms able to collect real-time and past data, you will keep control of your sales prediction up to the last minute. By the end, your forecasting and optimization capabilities by product or category will be significantly improved.

Discover EVENTORI: your modern ticketing management solution

4.5M €
Revenue Generated
Tickets Sold Yearly
Front Office Users

Leading brands trust us

Established industry players trust EVENTORI to deliver results and improve their ticketing management.

EVENTORI helps our clients
create successful events with sold-out tickets
and satisfied attendees

“For over 4 years, Wiremind has supported the growth of Paris Saint Germain’s ticketing and hospitality revenues with their Revenue Manager application. The solution is well-suited for the club, with more and more employees using it to visualize and control the business, resulting in growing revenues each year. The solution has evolved to respond more precisely to the club’s needs, and the ambition to develop RM to increase business optimization remains. Wiremind’s dedicated team is highly responsive, always finding solutions to problems. Paris Saint Germain is very satisfied with their tools.”
Thibault Jaillet
Head of Revenue and Setting, PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (PSG)
“Quevilly Rouen Métropole is a professional football club playing in Ligue 2 BKT since the 2021-2022 season. The club plays all its matches at the Robert Diochon stadium. The historic venue in the Rouen metropolitan area can accommodate up to 8,323 spectators. Since 2022, the club has been using the Eventori solution (Wiremind) for its ticketing and access control activities. By optimizing its revenue and filling rate through this modern tool, the club is able to develop and professionalize its ticketing. The Wiremind teams are always available and attentive to respond to the different issues we encounter on a daily basis. The good relationship between the club and the company contributes to the development of the tool.”
Thomas Renault
Ticketing and Merchandising Manager, QUEVILLY ROUEN METROPOLE (QRM)
“Partnering with Wiremind is a strategic decision aligned with our vision of enhancing the football experience for our fans. We are not only impressed by the platform’s usability and automation capabilities, but also by the customer-focused approach of the Wiremind team. Rodez AF is enthusiastic about actively contributing to EVENTORI’s continuous improvement and product-scope evolution.”
Thomas Escourbiac
Wiremind’s commitment to modernising and reinventing ticketing operations aligns perfectly with our vision at AS Monaco Basket. With EVENTORI’s advanced features, such as the intuitive back-office, user-friendly front-office, or secure access control, our ticketing operations will be significantly enhanced and our fans will have a seamless and enjoyable ticketing experience. They’ve crafted a system that keeps things simple while staying focused on what really matters – making the ticketing process a breeze for our supporters.”
Violaine Morand
Head of Ticketing, AS MONACO BASKET

Solution for ticketing management
and optimization for your industry

For sports clubs
EVENTORI goes beyond generic ticketing solutions to offer sports clubs a specialized platform that understands the unique dynamics of sporting events. From season ticket management to real-time access tracking, the features are designed to streamline ticketing operations.
For entertainment
EVENTORI’s advanced ticketing management system adapts to the unique needs of each event type – be it concerts, theatre shows, festivals, or film screenings. With features like easy payment processing, seat selection, and package configurations, it enhances the ticketing process in the back office.

All you need to know about EVENTORI

Ready to revolutionize your online ticketing with EVENTORI? Check out some frequently asked questions below if you still have doubts.
What is Ticketing Management?
Ticketing management is a system or process that allows organizations to sell and distribute tickets for events or services. This can include managing ticket sales, tracking ticket inventory, and providing support for ticket purchases.
Why do you need to manage your ticketing?
Managing your ticketing is essential to ensure a smooth and efficient process for both the organization and the customer. Proper ticketing management can help prevent overselling, track ticket sales in real-time, and provide better customer service. It enables you to sell the right ticket to the right person at the right time and price, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.
What industries does EVENTORI cater to?
EVENTORI is primarily focused on the sports and events industry, providing a comprehensive solution for back-office and ticketing needs.
Can I access EVENTORI online, or do I need to install any software on my computer?
EVENTORI is a SaaS platform, easily accessible on any computer online. You can also get a mobile web-based application if you opt for Access Control functionalities.
How user-friendly is EVENTORI for non-technical users?
EVENTORI is designed to be a simple, user-friendly solution. You can get a grip of the tool instantly, making it a breeze to navigate for even non-technical users.
How long does it take to set up EVENTORI?
Setting up EVENTORI is quick and straightforward. Implementation can be done in a few days depending on your requirements. One set up, you can make an event live within a few minutes.
Can EVENTORI be integrated with third-party tools?
EVENTORI can be easily integrated with a wide range of third-party tools like external CRM, Access Control and others to streamline your operations and improve efficiency.
Why choose EVENTORI for Ticketing Management?
EVENTORI offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for ticketing and distribution management. Its advanced capabilities, such as ticketing optimization and pricing, along with proven payment and CRM modules, make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to take their ticketing and distribution management to the next level.

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