Wiremind is a SaaS company delivering AI-driven solutions to manage and optimize commercial capacity in the transport, air cargo, and event industries.
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Wiremind’s solutions consist of our inventory system PAXONE, our Revenue Management System CAYZN, as well as our TRACKING services. This comprehensive suite of products empowers airlines, railways, and bus operators to manage and optimize their commercial capacities.
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Passenger solutions
to optimize revenue, pricing, and bookings

Wiremind’s Passenger Suite offers robust solutions for reservation, pricing & revenue optimization.
Inventory Management & Ticketing
PAXONE is an advanced SaaS platform, all set to overhaul commercial operations within the railway, bus, and airline industries. Addressing the complexities of disjointed and archaic IT systems, PAXONE seamlessly integrates Sales, Inventory, CRM, and Revenue Management (CAYZN) into a single, contemporary ecosystem.
Revenue Management
Leveraging cutting-edge operational research and machine learning, CAYZN delivers a real-time forecasting and optimization pipeline that can handle thousands of departures in a complex network, helping you find the optimal price path that maximizes revenues and load factor. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency or increase profitability, CAYZN has the tools you need to succeed.
Competition Tracking
Our advanced competition scraping engine allows to retrieve all relevant fares for your competition analysis. In addition, our solution CAYZN Tracking offers comprehensive data visualizations and a powerful business rules engine to monitoring your competitor’s strategies and fares, providing essential insights for your business.

Wiremind for your Industry

For airlines

With the help of CAYZN, airlines can get real-time forecasting and optimization whilst effortlessly handling thousands of departures.

Our CAYZN Aero version is a Revenue Management system that is specifically designed to addresses point to point and network optimization, while offering advanced features such as overbooking, aircraft swap, ancillary management, etc.

CAYZN Tracking empowers them to keep an eye on the competitors, ensuring that airlines are always in the know about market shifts and fare changes. Seamlessly integrating Sales, Inventory, CRM, and Revenue Management, PAXONE provides airlines with a 360-degree PSS to run their business.

For railways

CAYZN’S Revenue Management equips railways with a unique system to be able to optimize ticket prices and load factors in real-time, handle thousands of departures simultaneously, with in-built features for the railway industry such as multiple legs, night trains, twin trains, walk-ups, etc.

Our competition tracking tool, CAYZN Tracking provides operators with in-depth insights into competitors’ strategies and fare adjustments. PAXONE platform enables railways to overhaul outdated commercial operations, uniting Sales, Inventory, CRM, and Revenue Management under one modern streamlined ecosystem.

For bus operators

With CAYZN’s cutting-edge operational research and machine learning capabilities, bus operators can optimize traffic and revenue, with our user-friendly interface, our Business Rules Engine, and our Forecast & Optimization capacities.

CAYZN’s scalability and performance prowess is especially important for the bus industry with its complex schedules and hundreds of departures. CAYZN Tracking ensures that bus operators remain informed and proactive, understanding competitor strategies and fare structures in depth. Leveraging the power of PAXONE, bus operators can say goodbye to disjointed IT systems, and welcome an integrated platform encompassing Sales, Inventory, CRM, and Revenue Management.

Leading brands trust us

Our expertise is rooted in experience. Having previously worked at renowned transportation companies like Air France, Cathay Pacific Airways, Renfe, and SNCF, our engineers and product designers bring their in-depth industry knowledge to address the unique challenges our clients face.

Key benefits of our passenger service systems

Optimize your revenue and automate repetitive tasks using AI-powered solutions
Harness AI and machine learning for precise forecasting and optimal revenue generation.
Simplify revenue management and pricing with CAYZN’s intuitive, single-view interface.
Automate repetitive tasks and easily manage variables with the user-friendly Business Rules Engine.
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Gain an edge over your competitors by staying
informed about their pricing strategies
Leverage our top-notch technology designed to scrap any website to reach 97% collection rate.
Benefit from high-quality data that provides accurate and comprehensive insights into competitors’ pricing trends.
Utilize our user-friendly interface to easily analyze data and setup business rules to get instant alerts of changes in the competition landscape.
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Transform your commercial offerings and simplify your
operations by using a single, contemporary ecosystem
Streamline workflows and reduce costs by uniting Inventory, Sales, CRM, and RM functions.
Enable breakthrough innovations by adopting a fully integrated platform.
Enhance offerings and customer interactions with AI-driven insights embedded throughout our system.
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