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Stay ahead of the
with CAYZN Tracking

Competition tracking made effortless and foolproof. CAYZN Tracking offers strategic insights to not only monitor your competitor’s strategies but enhance your own. Using our in-house scraping engine to gather fares from your competitor websites, we built a powerful solution for competition monitoring.
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Competitive intelligence
for the passenger transportation industry

Suitable across all modes of transportation
CAYZN Tracking is an advanced data scraping and visualization solution for the passenger transportation industry. Powered by high-quality internal data scraping and monitoring, it offers real-time fare tracking and in-depth competition analysis to help you make the best pricing decisions.

CAYZN Tracking: competition tracking powered by in-house scraping

High-Quality Data Scraping for Unmatched Accuracy
CAYZN Tracking uses advanced scraping technologies, boasting a 97% success rate in data collection. Our dedicated team leverages virgin proxy farms, a hyper-scalable architecture, and a rendering layer to manage a vast scraped perimeter, handling thousands of websites every day.
Real-Time Insights on Competitors’ Strategies
Gain a competitive edge with CAYZN Tracking’s real-time data scraping that gives you insights into number of full departures, number of seats on departure, and evolution of competitors’ fares. This feature allows you to quickly identify and respond to competitive pressures, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.
Leverage Years of our Indexed Historical Data
With historical data indexed continuously and spanning multiple years, our comparator feature lets you uncover yearly change in the pricing strategy of your competition, compare across different periods and adapt to the current state of your routes.

A comprehensive solution
for tracking and analyzing competitors using high-quality data

CAYZN Tracking is a comprehensive solution, functioning both as a data scraping platform that updates relevant fares in your system and as a visualization tool that helps you better understand your competitive landscape.
Insightful analysis for all types of fares
Ranging from macro to micro investigations, our solution offers a vast range of capabilities with unique and well thought-out visualizations; designed specifically by our RM experts for the passenger transportation sector.
RM integration for a complete market view
CAYZN Tracking is designed to integrate seamlessly with our Revenue Management System, CAYZN, offering the analysts a holistic view of their revenue factors and a single place where to take the right pricing actions.
Prioritize alerts and stay informed
Actively monitor transport plan changes, price gaps or promotion campaigns from your competitors. Define critical cases and get notified directly in the application. CAYZN Tracking prioritizes your alerts, so you never miss essential updates, helping you to track competitors more efficiently.
Export your targeted data efficiently
Never worry again about having an extract that’s too big. Our extraction module is built to handle exporting millions of lines smoothly and efficiently. Set up your filters, launch your extraction in the background, and keep using the app while comfortably waiting for our server to send you the file.

Why opt for CAYZN Tracking: strategies, solutions & success

To benchmark: the power of large-scale data handling
Achieve unparalleled data accuracy with a 97% success rate in data collection. CAYZN Tracking employs advanced scraping technologies, ensuring the collection and refinement of vast amounts of data from various online sources, to provide clean, accurate, and actionable insights.
To analyze & monitor: customized alerts and comprehensive analysis
All the information about your competitors’ fares is accessible at a glance through CAYZN Tracking’s easy-to-understand dashboards. Analyze long-term strategies, set customized alerts, and be notified of any significant changes, from a single fare adjustment to a complete fare structure transformation.
To increase your data quality: quality control you can trust CAYZN Tracking
Experience the intensity of our care and monitoring process. CAYZN Tracking isn’t just about gathering data; it’s about ensuring quality. Wiremind’s rigorous quality-control process is led by a team who understands your business and ensures top-notch data quality beyond mere web scraping.

Your path to competitive excellence

Get Insights Beyond Standard Fares
Our data and solutions enable you to think beyond standard fares and get insights on branded fares via advanced ancillaries scraping.
Compare Fare Structures
Using a probability approach, CAYZN Tracking provides a robust estimation of the fare grid and competitive pricing buckets, enabling you to strategically design your own in response.
User-Centric Design for Enhanced Collaboration
CAYZN Tracking goes beyond data scraping with a user experience designed by our business-savvy data scraping unit. Collaborate and enhance the application to better suit your business needs.
Easy Integration with Your Systems
Feed your tools with automatized exports effortlessly integrated with CAYZN Tracking. Simplify your workflow and enrich your existing solutions with our seamless integration features.

Discover CAYZN Tracking: your ultimate competitor tracking tool

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Optimize revenue with CAYZN Tracking: voices of success

Our clients across various industries share how CAYZN Tracking has transformed their approach to competition. Their success stories are testimony to the tool’s versatility and effectiveness.
“We are very happy to continue this collaboration which began in 2016. This will ensure true continuity of everything that has already been put in place.”
Stéphanie Colin-Darrot
Competitive Intelligence Manager at SNCF TGV-Intercités
Since implementing CAYZN Tracking in 2020, we’ve experienced a transformation in the way we manage our fare tracking. The platform’s intuitive design and reliable analytics have been a game-changer, enabling us to optimize our operations and make more data-driven decisions. I can say with confidence that CAYZN Tracking is a valuable tool for any transportation company serious about competitor monitoring and fare benchmark. Moreover, Wiremind’s team has always been adaptable and reactive in our demands and remarks, a rare quality in the complex world of the aviation industry.”
Jérémy Baumont
Revenue Management Manager at Corsair
“Wiremind’s CAYZN Tracking has been an integral part of our strategy for years. It provides us with the insights we need to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the ever-evolving transportation industry.”
Natalia Solina
Data Analyst, BlaBlaCar

Leading brands trust us

From leading railways to global airline powerhouses, companies across the globe rely on CAYZN Tracking. Our dedication to excellence, pioneering solutions, and unwavering support positions us as the top pick for competitive intelligence.

All you need to know about CAYZN Tracking

Not sure if CAYZN Tracking is the right solution for you? We have answered some commonly asked questions for you to get an understanding of the product.
What is competition tracking?
Competition tracking is a multifaceted process encompassing competitor analysis, pricing monitoring, and market strategy assessment. It’s an essential part of modern business strategy, helping you stay informed and adapt to changing market dynamics.
Why do you need to track your competitors?
Tracking competitors isn’t just about knowing their strategies; it’s about understanding the market landscape, identifying opportunities for growth, and recognizing potential threats. It’s a proactive approach to stay ahead.
How does CAYZN Tracking ensure data accuracy?
CAYZN Tracking uses advanced algorithms and a dedicated quality-control team that continuously checks the accuracy of data. We currently have a 97% success rate in data collection. Coupled with Wiremind’s expertise, you receive the most reliable competitive insights available, translating raw data into actionable strategies.
What industries can benefit from CAYZN Tracking?
CAYZN Tracking is tailored to serve various industries including air, rail, and bus transportation sectors. Its flexibility and robust data scraping ability make it a valuable asset for any business looking to track competitors and gain a competitive edge. Notably, our teams comprise former Air and Railway pricing and Revenue Management analysts, ensuring we bring industry-specific expertise and a deep understanding of your needs to the table.
How can CAYZN Tracking be integrated with existing systems?
Integration with existing systems is seamless with CAYZN Tracking. Whether it’s automating data exports or feeding existing tools, our support team and comprehensive guides ensure a smooth transition, enhancing your workflow without any disruption.
Why choose CAYZN Tracking for competitive analysis?
Selecting CAYZN Tracking for competitive analysis provides you with precise insights, real-time updates, and easy integration. Beyond these core benefits, our highly reactive customer support ensures your queries and concerns are addressed promptly. Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering large flexibility in the tracked perimeter desired by customers. Our proven track record in delivering top-notch competitive tracking solutions, combined with our industry-leading support, makes us the preferred choice for businesses worldwide.
How much does CAYZN Tracking cost?
CAYZN Tracking’s pricing is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Reach out to discuss a plan designed for you.
What benefits will my company get from implementing CAYZN Tracking?
Implementing CAYZN Tracking offers more than just access to high-quality data. It’s about translating this vast amount of information into actionable insights via a user-friendly design. This ensures you not only gather accurate market intelligence but can also quickly comprehend and act on it without the need to process data through multiple pipelines inside your company’s systems. With CAYZN Tracking, you gain a holistic view of the market, allowing your business to navigate challenges, recognize opportunities, and design impactful strategies more efficiently.

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