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How Wiremind’s University Partnerships Are Shaping The Future of Tech Innovation

Sruthi Kolukuluri
31 August 2023

Wiremind’s strong foundation in technology, engineering, and applied mathematics is further reinforced through our strategic partnerships with leading universities. The key driving force behind these collaborations is mutual benefit; they help us stay ahead in innovation and also give us a chance to give back to the academic community.

Integrating Academia and Industry

Our Co-Founder and CTO, Charles Pierre, says, Technology has always been a core part of Wiremind’s DNA. Close to two-thirds of our team are engineers, many of whom have undergone a research project as part of their studies. It is both the desire to stay abreast of academic research as well as give back to the very academic institutions that enabled our team to develop, that has driven many of our university partnerships to date.”

These collaborations serve three purposes: they enable us to apply advanced research into practice to solve real-life business problems, help academic research to thrive on complex industry scenarios, and allow us to offer students work experience and career paths. Charles further adds, “This helps position us as an employer of choice for talent in what is still such a competitive hiring environment.”

Our Senior Operations Research Engineer, Ulrich Urriola Parada, giving a keynote on CAYZN at École des Ponts ParisTech

From Internships to Careers: Types of Partnerships

We take pride in the fact that every year, among all of our new hires, more than 50% of them have previously completed an internship with us. All newcomers benefit from an extensive onboarding program, which gives them a thorough understanding of the industry and what Wiremind’s products aim to solve.

Our university collaborations generally fall into two categories – Research and Career.

Research Partnerships

In these, postgraduate students join us to focus on specific research subjects, with mentorship from both Wiremind professionals and their academic professors. They are assigned a Wiremind mentor and given access to anonymous data that can be used as a part of their academic study. This includes current collaborations with the University of British Columbia and Sorbonne University on the application of machine learning methodologies in the field of demand forecasting.

Another example of this is an active collaboration with Sorbonne University’s LPSM faculty for research on reinforced learning as a model for improved palletization processes within SKYPALLET.

Career Partnerships

These partnerships aim to offer students industry experience via internships that often lead to full-time positions post-graduation. Speaking about this practice, Charles Pierre says, “This is well ingrained in the French education system, and Wiremind has been offering such internships since its inception.”

We are, however, particularly excited about our recent partnership with CentraleSupélec, where we will be assisting third-year Supply Chain and Operations students to undertake a business-related project as a part of their studies.

Be a Part of the Journey

To sum up, our university partnerships aren’t just a footnote; they are central to who we are and how we innovate. Through these mutually beneficial collaborations, Wiremind and its academic partners create a cycle of continuous growth and innovation.

Students interested in opportunities at Wiremind can apply through our careers page here, and academic institutions can reach out to us at careers@wiremind.io.

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