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Celebrating a Year of Success in Air Cargo: Wiremind’s Journey and Future Plans

Daria Jemli
21 March 2023

Wiremind proudly looks back on a year of tremendous growth and success since its strategic decision to build a dedicated business vertical for cargo and logistics. With plans to keep expanding its team, products, and customer base in 2023 and beyond, Wiremind is poised for even greater achievements.

Rapid Expansion and Notable Clientele

In February 2022, Wiremind launched a dedicated cargo vertical aimed at providing innovative revenue optimization and inventory solutions to the freight and logistics industry. The cargo unit has grown significantly, now employing around 20 skilled professionals. Commercial strategy leaders have joined the original product and tech expert team.

Last year’s focus was on laying a strong foundation in staffing, defining responsibilities, broadening the product portfolio, and fostering customer growth. This accelerated growth led to a pivotal moment for Wiremind, securing Qatar Airways, the world’s largest cargo airline, as a customer for its newly launched Revenue Management and Overbooking modules and its flagship product, SKYPALLET.

“We are thrilled to have exceeded our expectations in the first year. Qatar Airways’ decision to choose Wiremind is a testament to our product strategy, and we are delighted to receive their endorsement,” says Nathanaël de Tarade, Chief Executive Officer of Wiremind Cargo

Collaboration with CargoTech and Future Outlook

In early 2022, Wiremind’s cargo unit joined forces with CargoTech, aiming to boost the digitalization of the air cargo industry. With CargoTech’s expertise, financial support, and industrial shareholder investment approach, Wiremind Cargo established a strong organizational and technical foundation, allowing them to create a comprehensive product portfolio quickly based on customer feedback and requirements.

In his 2023 outlook, Nathanaël de Tarade shares the company’s commitment to expansion and hiring for new positions to support its growth. Although the air cargo market is beginning to normalize again, the industry’s increasing focus on digitalization is expected to continue.

Airlines seeking to modernize their commercial processes and optimize revenue are interested in Wiremind’s optimization tools, while there is substantial interest in CARGOSTACK CMS as well, Wiremind’s well-designed product that facilitates end-to-end cargo management. In keeping with the company’s product development philosophy, Wiremind will continue to listen to its customers, build innovative solutions, and prioritize their needs to ensure their continued success.

Flexible and Adaptable Solutions

One of Wiremind’s key advantages is its flexible cargo product portfolio, which stands in contrast to a one-size-fits-all service approach. The company’s modules can be used either independently or integrated seamlessly into other CMSs via API, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for its clients.

“As a company, we continuously aim to evolve and enhance our offerings based on our clients’ needs and industry advancements,” concludes Nathanaël de Tarade. “We are excited about the future and the potential opportunities it holds, and will continue to build on our current strong foundation.”

As Wiremind continues its journey of growth and innovation, the company remains dedicated to its customers, delivering exceptional products and services tailored to their unique requirements.

If you’re interested in discovering how CARGOSTACK can elevate your business by streamlining cargo management and optimizing revenue, reach out to our team at info@wiremind.io. Schedule a demo to experience firsthand the cutting-edge technology that is bringing the air cargo industry to the next level and enhancing operational efficiency.

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