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Wiremind’s 2023 Highlights: New Products, Team Growth, and Expanding Client Base

Colin Girault-Matz
18 December 2023

As Wiremind concludes another successful year, it’s important to reflect on the significant progress and innovations that have shaped our journey. For over nine years, Wiremind has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-tier products and services, achieving numerous milestones along the way. This article delves into the highlights and achievements of Wiremind’s diverse solutions in 2023.

CAYZN: Elevating Revenue Management

CAYZN, Wiremind’s flagship Revenue Management Solution, has seen remarkable advancements this year. By processing approximately 640,000 pricing decisions daily and managing 180,129,419 passengers annually in 2023, CAYZN stood out in its abilities amongst our renowned clients. This year’s notable enhancements include the CAYZN Recovery Engine, Ancillary Management, and Horizon modules. These additions not only enrich the suite’s capabilities but also portray our dedication to innovation, evident in our substantial R&D investments in Machine Learning and AI technologies.

CAYZN Tracking: A Benchmark in Competitive Intelligence

CAYZN Tracking has stood out this year for its real-time competitor monitoring and pricing insights. With its impressive 248 million data points scraped monthly this year, it offers users a substantial competitive edge by tracking ancillary service prices like extra seats and WiFi. This feature underscores Wiremind’s focus on user experience, scalability, and integration capabilities.

CARGOSTACK CMS: Revolutionizing Cargo Management

CARGOSTACK CMS, Wiremind’s exclusive CMS solution, continues to redefine cargo management with its intelligent modular architecture. Designed for small to medium-sized airlines, it blends advanced optimization and revenue management systems for maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Recent enhancements include new IATA-standard message types, an improved booking page display, and a configurable alerting/flagging system, ensuring efficient flight management at scale.

SKYPALLET: Advancing Capacity Optimization

SKYPALLET has consistently demonstrated its efficiency in optimizing package logistics. Performing 12,744 calculations weekly, it significantly contributes to operational efficiencies, reinforcing Wiremind’s prowess in technological solutions.

EVENTORI: Transforming Event Management

2023 was a transformative year for EVENTORI, marked by significant advancements. The introduction of a new CRM system and data extraction module enhanced client interactions and analytical capabilities. Other noteworthy features include installment payment options, PDA scanning for Android, a modern UI overhaul, and the integration of new payment processors. EVENTORI’s success is highlighted by its impressive annual ticket sales of 216 thousand.

PAXONE: Gaining Prestigious Recognition

PAXONE, designed to integrate various IT functions seamlessly, has received public funding and recognition through France’s i-Nov innovation contest. This accolade underscores PAXONE’s potential in revolutionizing passenger transport.


As we conclude 2023, Wiremind’s zero client churn rate speaks volumes about our reliability and the value we deliver. Our journey, marked by innovative products and strategic partnerships, has established Wiremind as a leader in technology-driven solutions in the passenger transportation and entertainment industries. We look forward to continuing this trajectory, aiming to set even higher benchmarks in the years to come.

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