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Wiremind Spotlight: Celebrating New Talents and Success Stories

Sruthi Kolukuluri
12 October 2023

At Wiremind, we believe that our team is the foundation of our success. It is their diverse expertise and fresh perspectives that have consistently driven our growth and innovation. Today, we are excited to introduce you to 15 of our newest team members and the 4 remarkable individuals who have transitioned from internships to permanent roles (CDI) within our company.

Welcoming New Additions to Our Product Team!

A double degree holder in Mechanical and Control Engineering from ETH Zürich and CentraleSupélec, Clara Sebbag, currently works at Wiremind as a Product Expert Intern for CAYZN. She says, “I am really excited to join Wiremind to work on optimization challenges for transportation systems and am thrilled to learn a lot personally and professionally while working with Wiremind’s teams.”

Meet Raphael Hatte, Wiremind’s Scraping Engineer Intern for CAYZN and a student of EPITA. He says, “I am thrilled about this internship as it will allow me to further develop my coding skills and cultivate disciplined writing habits. I was attracted to Wiremind because of its start-up environment, which I believe would be an excellent place to work. Additionally, I was drawn to the opportunity to work on scraping, as it is a topic that interests me.

Introducing Qingyu Wei, Wiremind’s new Scraping Engineer for CAYZN. Speaking about his experience so far at Wiremind, he says, “It has been a challenging and dynamic experience at Wiremind, simultaneously fueling my passion as a Web Scraping Developer. I want to go further because the company’s vision aligns with the direction I’m moving towards.”

Steady growth in the Platform, Data, and Software teams

Graduate in Software Engineering, Amirali Mashayekhi is Wiremind’s new Information Security Manager. With a background in network security and over three years of experience in security-focused roles, he will lead our cybersecurity initiatives, enhancing our defense capabilities in today’s digital landscape. He says, “I aim to strengthen our Cyberdefense capabilities and elevate our Security Certifications to meet the dynamic challenges of today’s digital landscape.”

Meet Antoine Clarman, Wiremind’s new Platform Intern. He is a student at 42Paris School with a genuine passion for all things IT, particularly DevOps technologies. In his own words, “Wiremind has marked my first foray into the tech industry, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.”

Meet Antoine Escoyez, a master’s student in Data Science at EPFL and a Data Scientist Intern for CAYZN. With previous experience in deep learning research and predictive maintenance, Antoine is excited to work with experienced ML engineers to learn and grow his skills. He says, “I see great learning opportunities and responsibilities at Wiremind that are proportional to my personal investment.”

Arnaud Rigourd holds a degree in Scientific and Financial Education from IAE-IGR de Rennes. With over 2 years of experience in Full Stack Development, he currently works at Wiremind as a Software Engineer for the CARGOSTACK product suite. In his words, “I am happy to join the Cargo team as everyone is skilled and competent, and I am looking forward to learning from them.”

Meet Ayman Ben Souira, our new Software Intern for CARGOSTACK. Ayman has embarked on an internship journey as part of his gap year at CentraleSupélec. He is confident in acquiring valuable knowledge in a modern environment like Wiremind’s, which prioritizes performance.

Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Lea Zancani is working as a Data Scientist Intern for CAYZN. In her words, “I am excited to join the team at Wiremind. This opportunity will allow me to improve my skills and apply my knowledge to real-world challenges.”

Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at EPITA, with a focus on Software, Paul Hartmann is working as a Software Intern for PAXONE. He says, “Wiremind is a rapidly expanding company bursting with potential. They make you feel incredibly welcome; the team there is genuinely kind, the atmosphere is delightful, and their facilities are simply astounding.”

A double degree holder in Data Science and Distributed Software Systems, Rafael Sandrini Guaracho, currently works at Wiremind as a Software Intern for the PAXONE product. He says, “I’m excited to intern at Wiremind, a growing company that promotes learning, knowledge sharing, and innovative software solutions for the industry.”

Meet Titouan Sauterey, Wiremind’s Software Intern for EVENTORI. He is currently studying engineering at IMT Atlantique. Having interned at Wiremind before, he is now continuing as an apprentice. He says, “I’m gaining valuable real-world experience as a full-stack developer in the Eventori team.”

Meet Victor Boissin, a master’s student at CentraleSupélec, specializing in cybersecurity. He is currently interning as a Software Intern for CAYZN at Wiremind during his gap year. He says, “My objective for this gap year is to amass significant technical knowledge that can enhance the theoretical framework I’ve been developing throughout my two years of coursework.”

Our Sales and Marketing teams are also growing!

Introducing Gary Sze, Wiremind’s new Sales Engineer for CARGOSTACK with extensive experience in the airline industry, particularly in cargo and passenger services. Previously at Cathay Pacific Airways, he held positions such as Head of Planning, Inflight Services, and Cargo Products Manager. He says, “I’m absolutely delighted to join the Wiremind family and see this as a very exciting opportunity to showcase our top-notch products to our customers and further expand our customer base!”

Meet Hania Mezaache, Wiremind’s new Growth Marketing Associate. A master’s student in Marketing Insights and Data Analytics Strategy at the Paris School of Business. She had previous working experiences in Project Management as well as in Communication. In her words, “Joining Wiremind is a fantastic opportunity for me to understand how a high-tech company operates; it’s like catching a glimpse of the future. I’m thrilled to be part of the team’s growth and to enhance my knowledge in such a unique environment!”

From Interns to Key Players

As we acknowledge the valuable contributions of our newest team members, it’s equally important to spotlight the remarkable journey of those who started their careers with us as interns and have since risen to key roles in their respective teams.

Here are some insights and reflections directly from them:

CAYZN Product Owner, Andrés Céspedes says, “I’m thrilled to be joining Wiremind as a full-time Product Owner after an amazing internship with the product team. I look forward to more responsibilities, immersing myself in Wiremind’s culture, building strong relationships, and making a bigger impact. The future is bright in this next chapter with Wiremind!”

CAYZN Software Engineer, Dov Djian says, “As I look ahead to gaining more skills and responsibilities, I find the work here promisingly diverse. I’ve chosen to stay at Wiremind because I feel great both at work and in life. I’m comfortable, valued, and see plenty of growth opportunities.”

Data Engineer, Kim-Phan Nguyen says, “It’s been an incredible internship, both challenging and aligned with my passion for Data Engineering. I want to stay because it fits the company’s direction, and I love the friendly work environment.”

CARGOSTACK Data Engineer, Martin Lécaille says, “After ingesting a large amount of historical data for 6 months, I have decided to continue the adventure and join the Cargo Team as a full-time data engineer!”

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