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Efficient Pricing Strategies with CARGOSTACK Pricing Management

CARGOSTACK’s Pricing Management solution enables airlines to manage the entire spot quote process in user-friendly tool, that includes pricing recommendations to allow for full or partial automation of your quotation process.
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What can you
do with CARGOSTACK Pricing Management

Systematically manage the end-to-end quotation process
Develop a structured record of past quotations to inform future pricing decisions and intuitively manage the end-to-end process from quotation request to pricing recommendation and quotation dispatch.
Leverage the power of AI to maximise customer willingness-to-pay
Our solutions are underpinned by machine learning models trained off customers’ historical data to produce customer-specific recommendations. This includes modelizing customer willingness-to-pay based on historical internal and market data, to provide customized offers to the customer.
Intuitive insights to support analyst decision-making
Empower users with the understanding and insights to make informed capacity related decisions through in-app charts, indicators and detailed breakdowns of CARGOSTACK-generated recommendations.

CARGOSTACK Pricing Management
is a trusted pricing
management software

Our revenue optimization software powers the revenue management and capacity control teams of leading airlines around the globe, including the largest cargo carrier in the world and another leading Top 25 cargo airline.

Create an ecosystem
for managing business processes
in the air cargo industry

Select and combine different modules from our CARGOSTACK suite to solve different painpoints across your cargo processes and unlock further value by using CARGOSTACK as your hub of commercial decision support.
Revenue Management

With CARGOSTACK, whether you have a clearly dedicated and separate RM and Pricing function within your organization or a single team managing everything related to both price and capacity, you can benefit from recommendations and decision support capabilities.

The goal is typically the same: ensure to offer the right price to the customer depending on a number of factors that include a market-based approach and a flight-based approach. There are situations where despite your flight not being full, your position allows you to maintain a certain price – and other cases where despite having a constrained flight, some markets won’t match the yield you expect: CARGOSTACK allows you to navigate these and set strategie that will help you optimize your revenues, whether through a single recommendation per request or with a separate pricing and entry condition (RM) recommendation.

Space Optimization

Incorporate SKYPALLET’s adjusted weight calculations and loadability checks into your pricing and quotation workflows to empower commercial teams with the operational know-how to quickly and accurately quote to forwarder requests.

SKYPALLET is the ultimate palletization solution for the air cargo industry enabling users to quickly evaluate space requirements, visualize interactive 3D palletized models and minimize inventory wastage.

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