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CARGOSTACK Capacity Management:
streamlining air cargo capacity

CARGOSTACK’s Capacity Management solution provides airline cargo teams with accurate predictions on the overall cargo capacity they will have for sale. Spanning two modules, Capacity Forecast and Overbooking, this solution maximizes revenue through improved inventory utilization, while minimizing operational costs, such as offloads.
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What can you do with CARGOSTACK Capacity Management

Our Capacity Management solution supports cargo teams with the core challenges of managing the variability of cargo capacity due to passenger operations or due to no/low show of cargo, helping reduce unfavourable outcomes such as offloads or poor inventory utilization.
Capacity Forecast
Ideal for airline cargo teams managing a significant passenger belly operation, our Capacity Forecast module determines the cargo capacity and payload remaining by predicting passenger, baggage and fuel weight and volume requirements.
Implement risk-based overbooking strategies derived from a booking-level show-up rate forecast model that predicts the actual show-up of booked cargo to navigate low or no-shows. Enable overbooking strategy recommendations and CARGOSTACK will automatically select overbooking strategies based on risk and flights’ sensitivity to offloads.

How CARGOSTACK Capacity Management solution can
improve efficiency and optimize operations

Leverage the power of AI for accurate capacity predictions
The Capacity Forecast and Overbooking capabilities are underpinned by machine learning models trained off customers’ historical data to produce customer-specific recommendations based on live data. Benefit from double digit improvements in accuracy versus manual or statistical processes, to improve inventory utilization and minimize offloads.
Intuitive insights to support analyst decision-making
Empower users with the understanding and insights to make informed capacity related decisions through in-app charts, indicators and detailed breakdowns of CARGOSTACK-generated recommendations.
Relieve manual work through advanced automations and rules
Implement a seamless capacity management process, from dated flight creation to ongoing live window management, leveraging cargo capacity, overbooking and aircraft configuration automatic recommendations. Rely on CARGOSTACK’s customizable rules engine and alerting functionality to draw analysts’ to flights in need of their attention.

CARGOSTACK Capacity Management
is a trusted cargo capacity
management software

Our revenue optimization software powers the revenue management and capacity control teams of leading airlines around the globe, including the largest cargo carrier in the world and another leading Top 25 cargo airline.

Build a complete ecosystem to manage all processes in the air cargo industry

Select and combine different modules from our CARGOSTACK suite to solve multiple painpoints across your cargo processes and unlock further value by using CARGOSTACK as your hub of commercial decision support.
Revenue management
CARGOSTACK’s Revenue Management solution provides airline cargo teams with various tools for inventory control and revenue optimization to ensure cargo capacity is optimally sold. This includes AI-generated demand forecasts and entry condition optimization programmes that assess your entire network across the entire live window.
SKYPALLET is the ultimate palletization solution for the air cargo industry enabling users to quickly evaluate space requirements, visualize interactive 3D palletized models and minimize inventory wastage.

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