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Elevate your
intelligence and
decision-making with CAYZN Horizon

Designed specifically for C-level or team managers, CAYZN Horizon is a module that provides a comprehensive macro assessment of your company’s business performance. With its drill-down workflow, it’s easy to spot which areas are overperforming and underperforming, giving you the insight you need to make informed decisions.
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Get incredible revenue analytics
with CAYZN Horizon

Access macro view of your company’s performance
As a C-level executive or team manager, gain access to an overall view of your business performance.
Monitor overall performance across multiple properties
Zoom in on specific routes or time periods to get accurate insights, helping you identify strengths and weaknesses in-time.
Combine with the power of CAYZN’s features
By seamless integration with advanced CAYZN functionalities including real-time forecasting and optimization, get an overall view of improvement areas across multiple sections.
Access past and future performance data
Monitor past performance using all the KPIs on CAYZN to improve your decision-making and strategic planning processes.

Integrating CAYZN Horizon
with the Existing CAYZN Ecosystem

Gather intelligence on your business performance at large scale. CAYZN Horizon harness the power of your Revenue Management data to turn it into actionable insights.

Use the power of innovative solutions to the maximum
with additional modules of CAYZN

CAYZN Recovery Engine
Unlock additional revenue for existing capacity and optimize your revenue management processes using CAYZN Recovery Engine.
CAYZN Ancillary Management
Optimize the effectiveness and profitability of your ancillary offerings to maximize your revenue using CAYZN Ancillary Management.

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