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Introducing Forwarder-Dedicated Module on SKYPALLET in 2024

Sruthi Kolukuluri
17 November 2023

Wiremind is all set to launch SKYPALLET version 2.0, which will pave the way for the necessary product enhancements to include a much-requested forwarder-dedicated workflow module. This new version, slated for release in 2024, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing the air cargo industry through innovative digital solutions.

Understanding the Forwarder’s Perspective

Though initially developed to support airlines in space optimization, SKYPALLET has always been capable of assisting forwarders in optimizing their capacity management process. While airlines and forwarders have similar needs in this respect, their processes and use cases vary slightly.

For instance, the process of shipment planning includes forwarders determining how much capacity needs to be procured from an airline, or the best way to assign house airway bills across different allocations. Additionally, the forwarders’ transport management systems differ, further requiring a demand for additional integrations in SKYPALLET.

Speaking about this, Wiremind Cargo’s CEO Nathanaël de Tarade says, “We have collaborated with freight forwarder customers for many years, and they often illustrate use-case scenarios that lend themselves perfectly to becoming additional SKYPALLET features”

He further elaborates, “Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the pressure to make maximum use of available capacity was at its peak, two freight forwarders actively opted to use SKYPALLET to support their business processes. From their reported positive results and the many discussions we have had with a forwarder community increasingly interested in adopting digital solutions, Wiremind’s mission now is to create a freight forwarder SKYPALLET version that offers dedicated functionalities to support their specific workflows.”

Real-World Impact and Enhancements on SKYPALLET

The usability of the original SKYPALLET in the freight-forwarding world has been quite a success so far. Users have reported significant improvements in capacity utilization and operational efficiency.

Reporting on this, Supervisor AFF Export Gateway from Yusen Logistics, Joel Soares de Albuquerque says, “Since we began using SKYPALLET at our Frankfurt office last year, it has helped us drive an estimated 20% increase in capacity utilization and build planning efficiency. This has had a significant impact commercially and operationally, helping us streamline the entire process and empowering our team with a user-friendly tool to support their daily work.”

Existing users of the solution have played a pivotal role in contributing to the development of key features for forwarders, including, but not limited to:

  • Non-Split Functionality for House Airway Bills: Ensuring that shipments are fully accommodated within the requested capacity.
  • Winged Pallet Building: Maximizing cargo space and building efficiency.
  • Optimizer Pivot Weight Distribution: Balancing cargo distribution for optimal handling.

Take Part in the Development

If you are a freight forwarder interested in learning more about SKYPALLET or want to play a part in developing our dedicated forwarder module, please contact us at sales@wiremind.io for more details and a free trial period.

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