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The Unique Success Stories: The Journey from Trainee to Full-Time Employee at Wiremind

Hania Mezaache
22 January 2024

Today, let’s dive into the essence of a culture that not only recognizes dedication and hard work but also fosters meaningful career advancement. At Wiremind, we are strong believers in nurturing our talents and rewarding perseverance. Hence, we shaped our culture around these principles. Who better to exemplify that than our interns, who are now a permanent part of our diverse workforce!

We take great pride in welcoming former interns who are now integral full-time members of our team, signifying a significant milestone in their careers and Wiremind’s story: Alexandre Lienard, Dov Djian, Kim-Phan Nguyen, Martin Lecaille, Andrès Cespedes, Augusto Colongo, and Yasmine Faik. Their evolution from trainees to full-time employees (CDIs) exemplifies our dedication to development and the enriching experiences that form the backbone of our professional ethos.

As we celebrate this accomplishment, we look forward to sharing their individual journeys, illustrating the impactful role of our supportive environment in their professional growth.

Elevating the Air Cargo Stream

The Cargo team welcomed Martin Lecaille and Augusto Colongo, supporting their development from the beginning of their internship at Wiremind. Augusto, as a product owner trainee, had the opportunity to thoroughly understand the product by exploring its details. He also took part in various projects, enhancing his practical experience:

In my life before Wiremind, I always enjoyed hacking things together and creating new things. However, most of them were just minimum viable products (MVPs), small projects, or larger products with a limited lifespan. However, during my internship, I had the opportunity to work on a project that I was extremely proud of, the Capacity Forecast Proof of Concept with WestJet. I was entrusted with leading the project on our side, and it was a very positive experience for me. It enabled me to take on some of the tasks usually associated with larger implementations.” said Augusto.

Martin, as a Data Engineer, approached the products from a unique perspective. He consistently worked on enhancing his technical expertise by leveraging his data-centric vision. Martin has a background in Theoretical Mathematics and Computer Science, and he specialized in Data Science at Mines Nancy Engineering School. He further enhanced his skills and acquired new ones during his training at Wiremind. Martin commented, “At Wiremind, I participated in historical data loading for a large airline company. I worked closely with the data science team from CAZN, as well as developers and product teams, which put my mission at the heart of the project. This experience allowed me to gain programming skills and learn how to use a variety of new tools for data science, data engineering, and development. Moreover, it helped me develop organizational skills.

Expanding the Tech and Product Labs of the Revenue Management Team
The year 2023 was particularly busy for the CAYZN team, but thanks to the contributions of Alexandre, Dov, Kim-Phan, Andrès, Yasmine, and other colleagues, the team has achieved a commendable level of success and performance.

Alexandre Lienard has joined the CAYZN team as a Software Engineer. Before joining Wiremind, he had a solid background in various technical skills, such as C/C++/bash, and good knowledge of Javascript (using Typescript and React), Docker, Kubernetes, and Git. These skills played a crucial role in his seamless integration into CAYZN’s environment. It allowed him to quickly adapt to the challenges and requirements of his role at Wiremind. He participated in several projects, including the implementation of Single Sign-On in CAYZN. He explains, “I implemented features such as domain detection and routing. This involves detecting if your email is linked to a specific provider or authentication, and redirecting you to the appropriate one. Additionally, I worked on user impersonation, which allows an admin user to access the app with the privileges of a superuser, write user, or read-only user without logging out.

From Learning to Leading

The CAYZN team, like all Wiremind teams, focuses on growth and sharing. Dov Djian’s and Kim-Phan Nguyen’s journeys stand out as an illustration of continuous improvement, attributing their progress to the collaborative environment fostered by their colleagues. Dov states, “Work feels friendly and not too stressful. I feel heard, and I’m excited to keep learning with this team.” Kim-Phan also agrees, he added: ”Throughout my collaboration with the teams, I have experienced a strong positive and productive working relationship with my colleagues. The opportunity to actively participate in team projects and contribute my unique perspectives and skills has further enhanced my overall job satisfaction and motivation, which has greatly contributed to my decision to stay.

Wiremind is the perfect place to gain new skills. Dov puts it simply: “I have learned a lot! Specifically, I have become proficient in handling large codebases, which is distinct and more challenging compared to smaller school assignments. Additionally, I have recently acquired knowledge on testing methodologies, particularly end-to-end testing, which enables us to gain insights into the user experience of our products.

Embarking on Future Achievements

Andrès and Yasmine, have joined the company as a Product Owner and Data Product Owner respectively. They gained a deep understanding of the product over their 6 months internship journey. Andrès shares: “My experience was really good. I received excellent guidance from CAYZN’s product team and my manager, Florian Leblais. They helped me understand how the different products of Wiremind work and how they interact with each other. Additionally, my position allows me to have a vision for the product and work towards making it more intuitive, powerful, and capable. I actively manage the backlog and participate in the prioritization of CAYZN, where we decide what to focus on next.

At Wiremind, personal and group development is a central focus, the key priority is supporting young talents in enhancing their skills and smoothly integrating into the professional realm. Yasmine highlights, “Working with the team has been incredibly enriching and diverse. In this new chapter, I aim to contribute to the ongoing success of the team and the company overall. I’m excited about taking up more responsibilities, sharing innovative ideas, and nurturing a collaborative and dynamic work environment.

We can only wish for their continued success and growth within the Wiremind team.

Explore Opportunities with us

Alexandre, Dov, Kim-Phan, Martin, Andrès, Augusto, and Yasmine are well aware of the fantastic opportunity of beginning a new phase as CDIs within the same company they trained in!

This continuity provides a seamless and comfortable transition. Familiarity with colleagues, processes, and the work organization eliminates the need for adjusting to a new workplace, making it easy to jump in new responsibilities. By offering this opportunity, Wiremind is not just opening doors for career progression, it is also emphasizing the value of building upon what they already know and making the most of a familiar and trusted environment.

Alexandre, Dov, Kim-Phan, Martin, Andrès, Augusto, and Yasmine are seizing an amazing chance to start as full-time employees (CDIs) at the company where they first honed their skills.

This step isn’t just a new job; it’s a smooth transition. They already know the people, the way things work, and the company’s style, so they don’t have to worry about fitting into a new place. They can just get going with their new roles right away.

By providing them this opportunity, Wiremind isn’t just opening doors for career progression. This is our way to show how much we value growing from within and using the knowledge and trust already built.

This move is great for these team members and shows Wiremind’s strong belief in its own people. It demonstrates our commitment to fostering a culture where dedication and hard work are recognized and rewarded with meaningful career advancement.

Are you eager to be part of Wiremind’s diverse team? Explore our open positions and join us on our journey of growth and innovation.

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