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Daria Jemli

Head of Marketing and Communications
Daria Jemli


Competition Tracking for Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Revenue Growth in Transportation
5 December 2023

CAYZN Tracking is an advanced competition tracking tool offering real-time pricing insights. It employs sophisticated web scraping methodologies to collect fare data from multiple websites globally.

First Half of 2023 at Wiremind: Achievements and Future Plans
11 July 2023

Reflecting on six months of collaborating and innovating together to set the course for the future and develop products for advancing the transportation, air cargo, sports, and events industries.

Wiremind Introduces Its Newest Inventory Management and Ticketing Platform, PAXONE, to Transform Commercial Passenger Transport Technology
6 July 2023

Seizing the Future of Transport
The transportation industry stands on the precipice of a seismic shift, a transformation driven by the imperative need for digitalization, interconnectivity, and superior customer experiences.

Scoring Big in the Arena of Digital Transformation: Wiremind’s EVENTORI is Chosen by AS Monaco Basket as Its Exclusive Partner for Ticketing
3 July 2023

In an era marked by the relentless pursuit of innovation, AS Monaco Basket and Wiremind are set to redefine the sports industry's ticketing landscape. Driven by the desire to deliver an unparalleled fan experience, the eminent European basketball club has now partnered with Wiremind.

One step further in Air Cargo innovation: Wiremind and WestJet Cargo Transform Capacity Forecasting
21 June 2023

WestJet Cargo and Wiremind have embarked on an exciting initiative to enhance capacity forecasting in the air cargo industry. Building on their successful collaboration through SKYPALLET, the two companies have initiated a Proof of Concept (PoC) to explore the potential of advanced capacity forecasting.

SNCF’s 6-year Adventure with Wiremind’s Competition Data Services Continues
11 May 2023

We are pleased to announce that SNCF, the French national railway company, has renewed its contract with Wiremind for the continued use of our cutting-edge scraping tool, CAYZN Tracking.

Aeromexico Cargo x Wiremind: Enhancing Air Cargo Operations with SKYPALLET
2 May 2023

Aeromexico Cargo has embarked on a significant digital transformation by partnering with Wiremind to implement our SKYPALLET solution.

Celebrating a Year of Success in Air Cargo: Wiremind’s Journey and Future Plans
21 March 2023

Wiremind proudly looks back on a year of tremendous growth and success since its strategic decision to build a dedicated business vertical for cargo and logistics. With plans to keep expanding its team, products, and customer base in 2023 and beyond, Wiremind is poised for even greater achievements.

New Wiremind Team Members Onboard to Support Product Expansion
9 March 2023

Wiremind's team is growing at a rapid pace, with 10 new team members joining the company in early March.

As our product family continues to expand and improve, we aim to bring in new team members to contribute to our ongoing pursuit of product excellence.

Wiremind Chosen to Power Qatar Airways Cargo’s Vision for the Future of Air Cargo Revenue and Capacity Management
6 March 2023

As the air cargo industry continues to experience rapid advancements and evolution, staying ahead of the competition requires companies to embrace the latest technologies and practices.

Behind the Numbers: Key Results of European Transportation Companies using CAYZN in 2022
2 March 2023

Wiremind's CAYZN  Revenue Management System is revolutionizing the transportation industry by helping companies increase revenue and the number of bookings.

Recent data from European transportation clients using CAYZN in 2022 compared to 2021 is nothing short of remarkable.

Behind the Scenes of Scraping Engineering with Fabien Vauchelles
21 February 2023

The art of web scraping has become increasingly sophisticated, with websites employing advanced measures to keep their information private. As the demand for publicly available data continues to grow, it's crucial to have a team of experts who can navigate this complex landscape with ease.

Unlocking the Potential of Competition Tracking: The Value of Web Scraping
14 February 2023

Why efficient web scraping is key for competitive success across industries
In today's rapidly evolving market, companies across various industries are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the competition and uncover new revenue streams.

Maximizing Revenues in Sports and Events: The Power of Effective Revenue Management
1 February 2023

Achieving 2023 Ticketing Goals: The Role of RM in the Sports and Event Industries
In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of sports and events, Revenue Management (RM), or Yield Management, can play a crucial role in driving profits, maximizing revenue, and boosting occupancy rates.

The role of AI in optimizing revenue management: An interview with Bastien Molter, CAYZN Product Owner
The role of AI in optimizing revenue management: An interview with Bastien Molter, CAYZN Product Owner
24 January 2023

How CAYZN is streamlining workflows and empowering Revenue Management teams
This week, we at Wiremind celebrate the one-year professional anniversary of Bastien Molter joining our team as a Product Owner for our flagship product, CAYZN.

The Wiremind team welcomes new members to the family
18 January 2023

New year, new hires! To sustain our continuous growth, we are adding new team members in all areas of the company.

At Wiremind, we are now a team of 80+, growing by 100+% every 18 months. And we have no intention of slowing down!

Kick-off meeting with SJ, the Swedish national train operator
4 April 2022

SJ, the Swedish national railway company will use CAYZN, the real-time revenue management solution developed by Wiremind to optimize its train load factors and revenues.

Neo Air Charter picks SkyPallet for cargo flight optimization
22 January 2021

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Neo Air Charter GmbH !

Using SkyPallet, our 3D capacity optimization solution, will allow them to speed up quotation process and refine the decision making, when dealing with charters and large packing lists.

Senator International implements SKYPALLET to enhance capacity optimization
28 October 2020

Wiremind has been selected by SENATOR INTERNATIONAL to provide its capacity optimization solution, SkyPallet.

SkyPallet will particularly help Senator in their charter planning, in the context of an increasing demand for Air Cargo.

Are you optimizing your cargo capacity to its maximum?
1 July 2020

1. Introduction: what is a "full flight"?
Among the many differences between flying freight and passengers, there is one that has a major impact: goods are not "units" like passengers.

WestJet to implement Wiremind’s SkyPallet solution
9 December 2019

We are proud to announce that WestJet has selected Wiremind and its SkyPallet solution to accompany its cargo business on its digital transformation.


Optimizing the capacity utilization of each aircraft is a cornerstone of WestJet Cargo commercial strategy.

Data Science
Data Science Workshop
20 November 2019

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