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Achieving Measurable Success: AS Monaco Basket Unlocks Improved Revenue with EVENTORI
10 April 2024
Wiremind is now ISO 27001 Certified
15 February 2024
Elevating Event Experience: The Alchemy of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Enhancing Ticketing Systems
15 November 2023

Sporting events and concerts bring together people from diverse backgrounds in shared moments of joy, passion, and cultural expression. How can technology elevate these experiences by eliminating bottlenecks and limitations?

Rodez Aveyron Football Chooses Wiremind to Enhance Their Ticketing Operations
10 August 2023

We are happy to announce our latest partnership with Rodez Aveyron Football (Rodez AF), a collaboration that aims to improve the club’s ticketing management and operations.

Scoring Big in the Arena of Digital Transformation: Wiremind’s EVENTORI is Chosen by AS Monaco Basket as Its Exclusive Partner for Ticketing
3 July 2023

In an era marked by the relentless pursuit of innovation, AS Monaco Basket and Wiremind are set to redefine the sports industry's ticketing landscape. Driven by the desire to deliver an unparalleled fan experience, the eminent European basketball club has now partnered with Wiremind.

Key Strategies for Setting Optimal Ticket Prices for Sports and Events
15 June 2023

Ticket revenue is a major source of income for the sports and event industries. Revenue generated from ticket sales supports event organization, athlete payments, infrastructure development, and overall sustainability. Therefore, mastering the art of ticket pricing i.e.

5 Strategies to Improve Your Ticketing Management and Optimize Sales
27 March 2023

Ticketing managers are constantly faced with the challenge of providing seamless experiences to fans while also optimizing revenue. It is a delicate balance that requires a deep understanding of customer behavior and dynamic pricing strategies.

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Maximizing Revenues in Sports and Events: The Power of Effective Revenue Management
1 February 2023

Achieving 2023 Ticketing Goals: The Role of RM in the Sports and Event Industries
In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of sports and events, Revenue Management (RM), or Yield Management, can play a crucial role in driving profits, maximizing revenue, and boosting occupancy rates.

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