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SKYPALLET 2.0 Set to Launch in Summer 2024
10 June 2024
Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble and Éléphants de Chambéry Turn Towards EVENTORI to Modernize their Ticketing Systems
16 May 2024
Olympics 2024: Airfare Insights for European and Long-Haul Flights to Paris
24 April 2024

As we await the 2024 Olympics, an event that historically reshapes the transportation landscape over a short period, analyzing how passenger transportation fares are adapting is essential. This article delves into trends during the Olympics for European and long-haul flights.

New Additions at Wiremind in Early 2024.
Expanding Capabilities: Discover the New Additions at Wiremind in Early 2024
17 April 2024

Innovation is a never-ending cycle, especially for tech-focused solutions. At Wiremind, our team members work hard daily to push our limits and set new standards. As we embark on an exciting phase of expansion and evolution, we take great pride in introducing the latest additions to our talented team.

Wiremind Spotlight: Celebrating New Talents and Success Stories
12 October 2023

At Wiremind, we believe that our team is the foundation of our success. It is their diverse expertise and fresh perspectives that have consistently driven our growth and innovation.

How Wiremind’s University Partnerships Are Shaping The Future of Tech Innovation
31 August 2023

Wiremind’s strong foundation in technology, engineering, and applied mathematics is further reinforced through our strategic partnerships with leading universities.

Becoming a Successful Software Engineer From a Diverse Career Path: Interview with Alexandre Lienard
28 August 2023

Ever wondered about hitting the ‘reset’ button on your career path? What if your next career move was not a step forward, but a leap into something entirely new?

Wiremind’s Software Engineer, Alexandre Lienard, had similar thoughts before his transition phase in early 2022.

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Inside Wiremind: Meet Our Newest Members
3 August 2023
The core and essence of Wiremind have always been our team members. Our growth trajectory is, in large part, credited to the diverse expertise and the continuous influx of fresh, passionate talent. Today, we’re taking a moment to shine a spotlight on the newest members of our team. Discover how their backgrounds and visions integrate into our ever-evolving narrative.
Inside Wiremind’s Thriving DevOps Culture and Platform Excellence: An Interview with Cédric de Saint-Martin, VP of Platform
1 June 2023

In an exciting conversation with our VP of Platform, Cédric de Saint-Martin, we share an insider's perspective on Wiremind's platform team. The team facilitates the efficient deployment of our cutting-edge technology, as well as the development of a thriving DevOps culture.

Supporting our Growth: Introducing our Newest Team Members!
24 April 2023

As we kick off Q2, we're thrilled to introduce six new team members who have joined us at Wiremind. With their expertise in Product, Platform, and Data, we're confident that they'll help us drive innovation and push the limits of what our solutions can achieve.
The Platform team is getting stronger!

New Wiremind Team Members Onboard to Support Product Expansion
9 March 2023

Wiremind's team is growing at a rapid pace, with 10 new team members joining the company in early March.

As our product family continues to expand and improve, we aim to bring in new team members to contribute to our ongoing pursuit of product excellence.

Behind the Scenes of Scraping Engineering with Fabien Vauchelles
21 February 2023

The art of web scraping has become increasingly sophisticated, with websites employing advanced measures to keep their information private. As the demand for publicly available data continues to grow, it's crucial to have a team of experts who can navigate this complex landscape with ease.

The role of AI in optimizing revenue management: An interview with Bastien Molter, CAYZN Product Owner
The role of AI in optimizing revenue management: An interview with Bastien Molter, CAYZN Product Owner
24 January 2023

How CAYZN is streamlining workflows and empowering Revenue Management teams
This week, we at Wiremind celebrate the one-year professional anniversary of Bastien Molter joining our team as a Product Owner for our flagship product, CAYZN.

The Wiremind family is expanding !
17 December 2021

What a fantastic way to end 2021 with 10 new faces on board !

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